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President Trump Praises His Good Friend ‘Tim Apple’

Look at the photo above. “Why that’s Donald Trump and highly recognisable tech CEO Tim Cook!” you might think. But you’d be wrong, because below is video of the President calling the magnate by his true name during today’s Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting. Read More >>

In the New Good Omens Trailer, the Apocalypse Is a Party and Everyone’s Invited

Given enough time to get to know one another, even the worst of enemies can, in theory, learn to respect each another and even become good friends in the right circumstances. Aziraphale the angel and Crowley the demon, the two celestial beings at the centre of Amazon’s live-action adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens, are the perfect example. Read More >>

This Dark Phoenix Trailer Is Light Years Better Than the Last One

I didn’t love the last trailer for Dark Phoenix. It seemed busy for the sake of being busy. Shocking for the sake of being shocking. And it assumed everyone watching already knew what Jean Grey was about to go through when given this sinister new power. For me, it just didn’t work. If Fox had released this trailer, though, I would have been singing its praises. So now I’ll do just that. Read More >>

Samsung’s Newest Teaser Promises Foldable Phone News at Galaxy Unpacked

Next week Samsung will take to the stage and unveil a new range of phones, including the much-leaked Galaxy S10 range. What some people might forget, however, is that it's also supposed to be the day it actually properly shows off the foldable Galaxy F. Samsung would very much like you to remember that, which is why it's released another teaser video to remind everyone. Read More >>

Here are Those Lego Movie 2 Adverts We Talked About, In Case You Don’t Watch Live TV

Last Saturday ITV had a Lego-themed ad break, designed to help advertise The Lego Movie 2 and featuring a bunch of different brands. Well just in case you don't watch ITV, The Voice, or adverts, everything has been posted online for you to enjoy. Read More >>

Here’s Our First Behind-the-Scenes Footage of The New Terminator Movie

In a new promotional video from a Hungarian film studio, we get one of our first glimpses at the new Terminator film in progress. There’s Arnold Schwarzenegger. And a cute dog! Read More >>

Here’s Your First Look at the Final Season of Game of Thrones, and Watchmen Too

While movies and TV shows were getting awards during the Golden Globes, HBO dropped the first footage of their two biggest genre properties of 2019: Game of Thrones and Watchmen. Read More >>

Celebrate Christmas With a Hydraulic Press and Exploding Glitter

There’s an infinite number of ways the internet has improved our lives, but at the top of the list is the fact we all have easy access to videos of things getting crushed by a hydraulic press. And what better way is there to celebrate Christmas than by crushing a mountain of glitter and a CO2 cartridge? Can you think of a faster way to deck the halls? [YouTube] Read More >>

Here’s the First Teaser Trailer for Toy Story 4

I was but a wee child when the very first Toy Story came out, back when the idea of a computer animated film was completely unheard of. 22 years later and we've just been sent the first teaser trailer for the fourth instalment in the franchise (not including all those shorts). What's going on? We're not sure, and this teaser trailer isn't very revealing. Read More >>

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The New Trailer for the Alien Invasion Film Captive State Feels Eerily Close to Real Life

In an alternate universe, Captive State is basically a sequel to every alien invasion movie ever. In our universe, humans always win in the end—but in this universe, they didn’t. Humans were beaten. The film picks up a decade later. Read More >>

How to Watch Huawei’s Mate 20 Launch Event, Wherever You May Be

Today is the day Huawei announces the proper Mate 20 to the world, rather than the less-powerful Mate 20 Lite that was rolled out at IFA last month. The launch event may be in London, but chances are none of you reading this are able to attend. Unlike some companies Huawei doesn't tend to let the public attend its launch events, which some of you die-hard fans may be a little upset about. The good news is that you don't need to be there to see everything unfold. Read More >>

How to Watch Google Announce the Pixel 3 Later Today

Today is the day. The day Google is set to ignore the fact that we know damn near everything about the Pixel 3 (and related devices) already, thanks to the incredible number of major leaks that have occurred over the past few months. But it's always nice for proper confirmation, and we'll be getting that later today. By later I mean sometime after 4pm, which is when the event is scheduled to begin. Read More >>

Hands-on Video Leak Gives us a Very Bad Look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

If you like phone leaks, Samsung, and watching terribly recorded vertical videos, boy do I have some good news for you. A hands-on video has leaked showing off what appears to be Samsung's Galaxy Note 9, but the sad news is that it's a shit video. Not only is the quality bad, whichever dumbass recorded it decided vertical filming was the way to go. Read More >>

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This Animation Shows All the Routes Aircraft are Taking for Today’s RAF100 Flyby

You have to give the RAF some credit with how much it's done to try make sure people can enjoy today's 100th anniversary Flyby, even if they aren't in London. Yesterday we published the route of the flyby itself, which is due to fly over Buckingham Palace at 1pm, and there's an app that will let everyone see it in augmented reality regardless of where they are. Now it's released an animation that shows all the different routes the 25 types of aircraft will take before and after the event. Read More >>

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New Grand Tour Outtake Shows Richard Hammond Can’t Stop Nearly Dying

There are a few things you can always rely on with the Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. One, they enjoy pissing each other off with cars. Two, there are cars around somewhere, and three, Richard Hammond always seems to be flirting with death. The number of times the man has almost put his life on the line for his job is somewhat admirable, apart from the times it may have resulted from his own tomfoolery. Read More >>