The Biggest Volcano on Jupiter’s Molten Moon Io is Likely to Erupt at Any Moment

Observational data collected over the years suggests the largest volcano on Jupiter’s moon Io – the most geologically active object in the Solar System – will erupt in mid-September, which is pretty much any moment now. Read More >>

Jupiter’s Volcanic Moon Io Continues to Surprise Scientists

Scientists have published five years of observations of Jupiter’s volcanic moon Io, revealing just how strange the world is. They even describe one volcano that might be influenced by the moon’s orbit. Read More >>

Google is Bringing 3D AR Models to Search

Google I/O is set to come with a bunch of announcements, but the first one is that Google has been working hard on augmented reality. So hard, in fact, that it's bringing AR images to Google Search. Google has promised that you will be able to view 3D models within the search engine's Knowledge box, with the option to slap one in their real living space. That way you can get a better idea of what you're looking at - whether you're more interested in this for academic reasons or to see how a new pair of shows looks compared to the rest of your wardrobe. Plus other stuff, presumably. Google was the one that brought shoes into it. Read More >>

Google’s “Key Lime Pie” Android Update Pegged for Q2 of This Year

Triumphant mobile processor developer Qualcomm let slip a little Android secret in its latest financial update, telling investors it expects to see Google release its next big version of Android in Q2 of 2013. Read More >>

Have You Ever Used Your Thunderbolt Port? Ever? For Anything?

Thunderbolt was one of the killer features last year. 10 gigabits! But since then, there have been a few Thunderbolt products, and a few comically absentee ones, but it feels like most of us have never even used the port—Mini Displayport double duty notwithstanding. Anyone getting actual use out of the thing, or is it as abandoned as it feels? Read More >>

Google’s New Cloud Messaging System Does More for Less

Google unveiled its newest messaging service iteration at the I/O conference today, aptly named Google Cloud Messaging. While it's obviously geared up for app developers, users will also see significant performance improvements as the new standard is adopted. Here's what's in store. Read More >>

Intel’s Thunderbolt Coming to PCs from April 2012

Intel and Apple's Thunderbolt data transfer format could soon be a bullet-point on your new PC's tech spec sheet, with Intel reportedly preparing to launch a PC version of the adaptable daisy-chain interface next spring. Read More >>