The Assassin’s Creed Movie Makes the Same Mistake the Games Do

Assassin’s Creed isn’t the movie that’s going to break the string of terrible cinematic experiences based on video games. Way too much of the movie feels like a big-budget advertisement and its attempts to play its dramatic tension straight-faced made me snicker loudly at the screening I went to. It could’ve been a slyly, self-aware modern day B-movie but it devotes its energy to the wrong stuff. Read More >>

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You Can Now See All the Star Wars: Rebels Easter Eggs in Rogue One

Rogue One is jam packed with connections big and small to the wider Star Wars universe, but some of the most delightful ones—and some of the hardest to spot—are the ones that tie the movie into Star Wars: Rebels. In case you missed them in the cinema, Disney has released high-res pictures of them for all to see. Read More >>

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The First Script for Rogue One Had a Completely Different Ending

If you’ve seen Rogue One, you probably noticed that some of what’s in the trailers is not in the film. That’s because the movie took a lot of time reshooting and reworking its third act. However, none of that comes close to how different the ending of the original script was. An ending that was not even shot. Read More >>

Here Are Your New X-Men Teams

With next Spring’s Ressurxion event bringing the X-Men back to a new level of prominence within the Marvel universe, we’re getting two teams with their own comics, ’90s style: X-Men Gold and X-Men Blue. When they were first revealed we didn’t know anything about them, but now we know who will be answering the call. Read More >>

The New Stargate Movies Are Probably Not Happening

As a fan of the Stargate TV universe, which the proposed new Stargate movies were definitely going to remove from canon, I’m okay with this. Especially seeing how the same team did with Independence Day: Resurgence. Read More >>

11 Most Blatantly Evil Presidents in Scifi Movies, TV, and Comics

Today is the day many have been anticipating/dreading for over a year, and given that we say you should consider these examples of evil presidents from the annals of science fiction. Read More >>

All the Cool Stuff in the New Captain America: Civil War Trailer

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new Spider-Man may be the biggest bombshell from the latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War, but there’s plenty more to discuss. Here’s all the information we discovered during our careful examination of the footage. Did we miss anything? Add your thoughts in the comments! Read More >>