Here’s One Explanation for Why Your Old iPhone Feels so Damn Slow  

For years, people have complained about declining performance in their ageing iPhones, an issue that’s commonly attributed to Apple’s software updates. Something beyond a rumour percolated just last week, when a Reddit thread suggested that the cause for the slow performance could be due to Apple throttling phones with degraded batteries. This inspired the makers of Geekbench, a widely used synthetic benchmarking app, to give data gathered from thousands of phones using Geekbench a closer look. The data, according to Geekbench, indicates that there may actually be a link between software updates and old batteries when it comes to poor performance. Read More >>

Update to iOS 10.2 Right Now to Fix Scary Security Bugs

If all the new emoji weren’t enough of a reason for you to upgrade to iOS 10.2, the security updates added to the release should really push you over the edge. Read More >>

Go Download Your New iOS Emoji Right Now

Apple on Monday released iOS 10.2 for the iPhone and iPad. There are a number of new features, including the new TV app, but the real reason you want to download iOS 10.2 is for the hundreds of new and redesigned emoji. Read More >>

The iPhone 7’s Portrait Mode Really Screws Up Sometimes

Some of the prettiest photos you’ll see this year will probably be taken with the iPhone 7 Plus. It has a portrait mode, finally made available to the public yesterday via the iOS 10.1 software update, that automatically applies a gorgeous blur behind the subject of your photo. (This is called “bokeh” in photo nerd parlance.) Babies look cuter, newlyweds happier, and pooches poochier with portrait mode. Read More >>

Go and Download iOS 10.1 Right Now

After more than a month of public betas, Apple has released the final version of iOS 10.1. This update brings the much vaunted “Portrait Mode” feature to the iPhone 7 Plus. Read More >>

The iPhone Has a Hidden One-Handed Keyboard

Here’s a pretty cool story. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith recently found hidden code for a one-handed keyboard in iOS by hacking an iOS Simulator. Troughton-Smith says the keyboard has “been there since at least iOS 8.” Read More >>

The iPhone 7 Has a Secret Virtual Home Button

Have you (somehow) managed to break the home button on your iPhone 7? Not to worry, because there's a solution you can use to keep you going until you get everything fixed: a secret virtual home button. Read More >>

The Best Hidden Features in iOS 10

By now, you’ve probably had some time to play around with iOS 10 and get acquainted with all the new features. We’ve already told you about most of them, but there are all kinds of tweaks and new settings hidden deep within the software. Here are some of the best features hidden inside iOS 10. Read More >>

There’s a Pretty Serious Security Flaw in iOS 10’s Back-Ups

Every time a new version of iOS rolls out, there's always some of security flaw that rears its ugly head. Usually it's some sort of lockscreen exploit, but this time Apple's fudged the security of local backups. Read More >>

You Can Try the iPhone 7 Plus’s Coolest Camera Feature Now

Apple has released the first public beta for iOS 10.1. In addition to fixing some niggling bugs, it adds a beta version of the new “Portrait” feature for owners of the iPhone 7 Plus. Read More >>

How to Undo the Changes on the iOS 10 Lock Screen

Some of the biggest changes in iOS 10 are related to the lock screen. Swiping left and right now leads to the widgets screen and the camera. That means “slide to unlock” is dead, and you need to press the home button to actually get into your phone. If you want to undo some of these changes, here’s how to go about it. Read More >>

How to Piss Off Your Friends With iMessage Apps

iOS 10 is here, and it brings a whole host of terrible features to iMessage. You can now send the most important people in your life bad stickers, insensitive animations, and more proof than they ever needed that you’re a total dick. Read More >>

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Apple is on a Moderation Rampage After Porn is Found in iOS 10

Earlier today, Deadspin discovered something strange about the new gif search in iOS 10's iMessage: Inadvertently do the wrong search, for, say, the word “huge,” and you could be looking straight at a stranger’s genitals (or a cartoon horse’s, as the case may be). Read More >>

Why Would Apple Turn its Messaging App Into Such a Nightmare?

Apple decided to go all-in on Messages in iOS 10, fully embracing its inner Facebook Messenger and replacing simplicity with stickers and disappearing text effects. Read More >>

Apple’s iOS 10 Filters Fail to Block Cartoon Pony Porn GIFs

Someone's found a way to associate Apple with sick filth. A search of the iOS 10 default GIF library for the word "butt" -- Americanish for bottom, we understand -- lets through some dodgy images of cartoon porn. Read More >>