Safari in iOS 13 Sends Chinese Users’ Browsing Data to Censorship-Friendly Tencent

It seems like Apple’s China-related controversies aren’t over just yet. It appears that Safari in iOS 13 now sends browsing data to Tencent, a giant Chinese conglomerate that owns the country’s biggest digital platforms, including QQ, WeChat, and Qzone. It’s also known for helping the Chinese government keep its iron grip over what citizens can see and interact with on the internet. Read More >>

Dark Mode Is for Suckers

Dark mode is everywhere. Apple’s newly released iOS 13? Dark mode. Android 10? Dark mode. Windows 10, macOS Mojave, Chrome, Firefox, Gmail, and Slack – blessed, healing dark mode. It’s the must-have feature for the dim days of 2019, its spread eliciting a collective gasp of ecstasy at every new iteration as if black text on a white background is some deep injustice from which we’ve long yearned for a sweet release. Read More >>

Stop What You’re Doing and Upgrade to iOS 13.1 Right Now

Apple just dropped iOS 13.1, and while these iterative versions tend not to be as fun as the big numbered ones, you should update your phone right now. Read More >>

19 Things You Can Do in iOS 13 That You Couldn’t Before

Happy iOS 13 day! If you’ve got an iPhone 6s or something newer, get ready for your iOS 13 update, which will roll out today. We’ve seen beta releases and on-stage demos, but here’s the definitive list of all the new features and settings you can now play around with on your phone. Read More >>

Maybe Don’t Let Facebook Track Your Location in iOS 13 and Android 10

With the arrival of iOS 13 and Android 10, Facebook is preemptively warning users that location settings are about to change and it’s surely just trying to help you out. Read More >>

Typing on the iPhone Sounds Amazing With the Original Mac Keyboard Attached

One of the new features that will arrive with iOS 13 next month is support for a mouse. It should help push the iPad closer to being a true laptop replacement for many users, but YouTuber Napabar found an even better use for the feature: upgrading his iPhone X with both an original Macintosh computer and mouse. Read More >>

Apple’s iOS 13 Lets Us Fake Intimacy In FaceTime by Correcting Our Gaze to Look Into the Camera

It appears Apple is testing out a feature that will help users fake some intimacy during video calls. There’s a new feature in the third developer version of iOS 13 beta, called FaceTime Attention Correction, which corrects your gaze to make it look like you’re staring into the camera. Read More >>

iOS 13 Will Remind You to Cancel Those Bloodsucking Subscriptions

Competition is great for the consumer, but it also means you end up having to keep tabs on umpteen different subscriptions for services like streaming music, movies, and even games. In an effort to ensure none of them get forgotten along the way, it appears as if iOS 13 will include some handy reminders about who you’re automatically paying every month. Read More >>

iOS 13 Will Finally Support NFC ID Scanning in a Few Countries

iPhones have had NFC chips since the iPhone 6, but previously, Apple only allowed NFC to be used for making purchases with Apple Pay. But in iOS 13, Apple is expanding the use of NFC to other apps, and even though iOS won’t officially be available until later this autumn, countries including Japan and Germany are already planning to allow citizens to scan in their ID cards via NFC on their iPhones. Read More >>

Apple’s iOS 13 ‘Silence Unknown Callers’ Feature Is Sounding Pretty Good

Many of us are familiar with the uniquely infuriating hell that is automed calls, or robocalls, and, I hate to say it, but the problem isn’t getting any better. A recently announced iPhone feature arriving with iOS 13, however, might help quiet some of those unknown callers by kicking them straight to voicemail. So far, I’m loving what I’m hearing. Read More >>

Apple’s 3D Touch Looks Like Its on Its Way Out

Rumoured to be on its way out last year, it looks like Apple's 3D touch feature is being phased out according to people who have had hands-on time with the iOS 13 beta. Read More >>

The Best iOS 13 and macOS Catalina Updates Apple Didn’t Announce at WWDC

During the WWDC 2019 keynote on Monday, we heard about a tonne of features coming to iOS 13, the new iPadOS, and macOS Catalina—but Apple itself admitted that there was much more it didn’t have time to showcase. Here are some of the best and coolest software tweaks heading to iPhones, iPads, and Macs later this year. Read More >>

Apple’s Newest Luxury Product Is Privacy

Apple wants to sell you all kinds of new services: music, magazines, a TV show about the Russians landing on the Moon first. But with the announcement of iOS 13, it looks like the company is turning one of its classic features into a service all its own. Next-level privacy is about to be the best thing you get by paying the Apple tax. Read More >>

Everything Apple Announced Yesterday

It’s not uncommon for Apple’s annual developer conference to start a little sleepily. That was not the case yesterday, as Tim Cook and friends made significant announcements including the death of a legendary app and the birth of a brand new computer. It actually felt a little bit exhilarating. Read More >>

All the New Features Coming to iOS 13

While iOS 12 included a handful of new features including Siri Shortcuts, added digital wellness tracking, and better photo searching, much of Apple’s development time was spent weeding out bugs and improving the stability of the company’s mobile OS. Read More >>