Apple: Merging Mac OS X and iOS Would be “A Waste of Energy”

As Apple's focus in recent years has shifted from desktop interests to mobile ones, there has been much speculation over a potential merging of the OS X and iOS platforms. Heck, OS X Mavericks seemed to take most of its best ideas from the mobile operating system. But, on the 30th birthday of the Macintosh, Apple has moved to quash rumours of an eventual merger of the two. Read More >>

iPhone iOS 7’s “Screen of Death” Reboot Bug to be Ironed Out by 7.1

iOS 7, perhaps the most divisive software update in Apple's history of mobile devices, has suffered from one particularly annoying bug since launching last September. Random restarts have plagued a number of users, and finally Apple is doing something about it. Read More >>

Apple to Refund £20m to Parents Over In-App Purchases

Apple has settled a suit with the US Federal Trade Commission over disclosures that it was too easy for children to make in-app purchases. And it'll be quite a chunk of change coming out of its coffers. Read More >>

Apple’s Car Dash Sync Tools May Appear in iOS 7.1

Apple might be about ready to integrate itself with the dashboards of the car makers of the world, with code and references to a "Car Display" option inside the latest beta release of iOS 7.1 suggesting that an iOS 7 dash control feature is being prepared for launch. Read More >>

11 Tips to Keep iOS 7 From Destroying Your Battery Life

Your iPhone's new operating system comes with plenty of advantages, but iOS 7's not without its drawbacks. Battery life just ain't quite what you'd want it to be, but we've got some tips to squeeze the most out of that sucker and stay juiced all day long. Read More >>

Sir Jony Ive gold Blue Peter badge
Apple Only Started iOS 7 Work Last Nov, Plus Other Startling Quotes From a Rare Jony Ive Interview

Apple's design boss (Sir) Jony Ive has been let off the leash to help promote iOS 7 and the refreshed iPhone range, giving a super-rare long-form interview to USA Today. He speaks. He answers questions. He even laughs a bit, but that might just be the coffee. Read More >>

As Siri Exits Beta For iOS 7, We’ve Got to Ask: Who Actually Uses It?

Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant that every tech company copied but no one seems to ever use, is now no longer a beta product. All references to "beta" status have disappeared from Apple's Siri pages. It's finished. But is it any good? Read More >>

iPhone 5C Meta Hands-On: Proudly Plastic, Surprisingly Premium

The iPhone 5C sure turned out to be exactly what we expected, except with some serious iPhone 5 guts in there instead of the old 4S snoozers. But that's only half the fun. How do those plastic backs feel, with and without the horrible cases? There's one big takeaway: This ain't no "cheap" iPhone. Read More >>

Watch Apple’s Full Keynote Now

Apple just posted the full video stream from today's unveiling of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, so you can relive the whole debut all over again. [Apple] Read More >>

iPhone 5S Meta Hands-On: Scanning Thumbs Like a Dream (So Far)

The iPhone 5S is finally here, complete with the long-rumoured fingerprint scanner, blazing guts with a second brain, and all new colours. Sounds good, but how does it feel? How does the thumb-print scanner work? The hands-on impressions have started rolling in and the verdict is: pretty great, actually. Read More >>

Apple’s New A7: Apple’s First 64-Bit Is 40 Per Cent Faster

During today's iPhone keynote, Apple announced the new A7 chip, featuring supercharged graphics powers that make the powerful features of iOS 7 possible. Let's take a look under the glass at the speedy monster that makes the magic possible. Read More >>

The iPhone 5S Home Button Ring Could Look Like HAL 2013

While it seems pretty certain that the next iPhone will come with a fingerprint scanner, what it will look like remains an open question. A "silver ring" around the home button (see below) is the prevailing theory; our friend Martin Hajek has taken a closer look at what that might mean in practice. Read More >>

Why a Gold iPhone 5S Actually Makes Sense

Full disclosure: We've been seeing the gold iPhone rumours for weeks now, but have largely been brushing them aside. Fake Apple rumours are as easy to come by as tangled EarPod cords this close to a new product launch, and this one in particular seemed too outlandish, too... tacky. But gold iPhone reports have reached that saturation point — even AllThingsD is confirming — where they can't be ignored anymore. Especially considering how much sense it all makes. Read More >>

This Video Reveals Jony Ive’s True Inspiration for iOS 7

iOS 7 is just so colourful! It's so light! It's so fun! But not only that, the colours all blend together in a beautiful watercolour effect. It's like a pastel psychedelic trip. It's like seeing the palette of an artist obsessed with Easter. I wonder where Jony Ive got the idea for that colour scheme. I wonder what his inspiration was. Wonder no more. Read More >>

Why That Budget iPhone Might Not (and Shouldn’t) Be So Budget After All

The specter of a cheaper iPhone has haunted analyst and fanboy dreams for months. Years, in some cases. But making the healthy assumption that Apple does release a less expensive iPhone in the next few months, it's worth taking a second to remember that "cheaper" doesn't necessarily mean "cheap." Especially when you're talking about Apple. Read More >>