Samsung Says That Bixby Speaker is Still Happening

Everyone and their dog is trying to muscle in on the smart speaker game these days. Amazon pioneered the gadgets, but Google, Apple, and Microsoft all want in. The only company to seemingly put an end to such plans was Samsung, but it's now gone and backtracked by confirming there's still a Bixby-powered speaker in the works. Read More >>

EE TV’s Set Top Box Now Has (Some) Alexa Voice Controls

"Voice controls are the future!" declares science fiction, as it stands on a table in triumph. "You'll be able to control all your devices with your voice, without the inconvenience of a remote control!" That's the dream anyway. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Latest Workplace Tech Demos Creep Me Out

If you’re an employee under the heel of a giant corporation you should probably be terrified by the vision of the future of connected gadgets that Microsoft just revealed at its Build developer conference here in Seattle. Read More >>

This Hacker Is My New Hero

The hacker’s name is Janit0r. You’ve probably never heard of him, but perhaps you’ve heard of his work. Janit0r is reportedly the one behind a particularly gnarly but undeniably fascinating form of malware called BrickerBot. BrickerBot, as the name implies, will brick internet of things (IoT) devices that fail a simple security test. This is surely illegal, but I love it. Read More >>

This Silly Button From Logitech Made My Smart Home Fun Again

I have issues with smart home technology. The promise of a Jetsons-style, automated living environment has never been closer, but the experience basically sucks right now. After spending a few weeks with a programmable button by Logitech, however, I feel suddenly hopeful. Read More >>

Rogue Smart Meters Give Customers 3,000,000 Per Cent Bill Increases

People putting the heating on even though it's spring had a nasty shock over the weekend, after a group of smart energy meters issued by supplier SSE went mad -- and gave subscribers gas bills in the tens of thousands of pounds. Read More >>

IoT Mouse Traps as a Service Calls a Proper Man to do the Dirty Work

You can now get rid of mice from your home or business by doing nothing more than looking at your phone and waiting for a real man to come and sort it out, thanks to a new internet-connected mouse annihilation system that's available in the UK. Read More >>

home appliances
Sharp Sees a Fridge-Freezer as the Smart Centrepiece of Your Home

Smartphones, smart TVs, smart light bulbs, smart bloody everything. Smart home technology is so hot right now, with this year’s IFA bash absolutely full of the stuff. Even wigs will be connected to the internet. Probably. Hopefully. Read More >>

$5 IoT Computer Promises Wi-Fi, Apps and Linux in a Postage Stamp

A newcomer in the smallest-ever computer war has arrived in the tiny form factor of the Omega 2 -- a computer the makers want to sell for $5 to coders, IoT enthusiasts, the entire third world and men not against the idea of maybe doing a bit of soldering. Read More >>

Fuchsia is Google’s Mysterious New Operating System

Google has done what it no doubt set out to do and got tongues wagging about something called Fuchsia, a new operating system that, unlike Android and Chrome OS, doesn't use the Linux kernel. Instead it’s built on Magenta. Read More >>

“Smart” Vibrator Could be Hacked and Remotely Activated

Today's connected world horror story from the Def Con 24 event concerns the security of sex toys, with a team of researchers suggesting that the internet-enabled We-Vibe 4 Plus sends data home when it's being used -- and could even potentially be turned on remotely by someone not connected to the sexy Skype chat. Read More >>

What is 5G and How Will it Make My Life Better?

Everybody loves speedy internet, so it’s no surprise that every major telecom in the world is working to make it even faster. Smartphones, watches, homes, and cars are increasingly requiring stable internet connections. In order to pipe in enough bandwidth for that precious wireless feed, we’re going to need an entirely new form of wireless signal — that’s where 5G comes in. Read More >>

How Connected Cars Will Transform Our Lives at Home

Let me put this bluntly: Smart homes are pretty dumb. Or at least historically, connected devices for the everyman’s house have seemed gimmicky at best. This week at CES, however we saw some new technology that stands to reform our very conception of how homes work. Read More >>

What to Expect in 2016 From Apple, Google and the Biggest Names in Tech

More drones, more stuff being flung into space and less jobs for humans. Fine, fine, I'll go into a little more depth. 2015 has been yet another unbelievable year for technology, and 2016 has a lot to live up to. With a number of different technologies yet to truly come of age, there's almost too much to to look forward to. This time next year, will we be referring to it as The Year of Virtual Reality, The Year of IoT or The Year of 4K? Here's what to expect in 2016. Read More >>

The Santa Claws Game is One of the Best Ever Raspberry Pi Creations

Santa Claws could be the ultimate game of 2015. It’s Internet-connected, features Raspberry Pi, a healthy dose of nostalgia and a charitable cause, and is being live-streamed online. Oh, it’s a little bit frustrating too. Read More >>