You’ll Now Get Up to 10 Years in a UK Prison for Online Piracy

You might want to think twice before hitting the download button on a pirated-content website in the future – the UK government's Digital Economy Bill is now in force, increasing the maximum prison term for copyright infringement to ten years. Read More >>

UK’s IP Police Toughening Stance on Copyright Offenders

The UK's Intellectual Property Office is looking to adjust its strategy when it comes to enforcing copyright breaches, with the ambition of making their procedures much more watertight by the year 2020. Read More >>

Plusnet’s YouView TV Service “Launching Soon”

Add Plusnet to the list of ISPs that will also be trying to fulfil all your TV needs as well, with a rep for the company saying that its YouView-based service is on the way soon -- and you can register for it now if you'd like. Read More >>

Sherlock Holmes Remains in the Public Domain After Failed Conan Doyle Estate Legal Challenge

Got a Sherlock fanfic story tucked away on your hard drive? Feel free to publish it -- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's estate has once again failed in the courts to keep a copyright hold over the series. [iO9] Read More >>

UK’s Copyright Police Intercepts and Replaces Ads on File-Sharing Sites

The IP department of the City of London Police has started running online advertising campaigns, but they're not the usual kind of ads. These run on piracy sites and warn users to think twice before queuing up 17 illegal film downloads before going to bed. Read More >>

Potentially Poisonous Fake Booze is Flooding UK Off Licences

The late night walk of shame to the local off licence may come with more danger than getting mugged by the kids standing around outside it, with 20 per cent of offies in some locations found to be stocking fake booze. Read More >>

Why Ikea Shutting Down its Most Popular Fan Site is a Giant Mistake

If you're like me, you've spent countless hours surfing IkeaHackers, where Ikea fans send in their mods and hacks. You've also probably spent money at Ikea thanks to the site, which has inspired a DIY fervour among its fans. Which is why Ikea shutting down IkeaHackers this weekend over trademark claims is beyond boneheaded. Read More >>

Police IP Crime Team Takes Control of Domain

Torrent dearch engine is now out of business in the UK, after our Intellectual Property Crime Unit demanded it ceases letting people download Game of Thrones and all the other potentially illegal material it hosts. Read More >>

Wii U Fast Boot, Smartphone Services and Character Licensing Coming to Salvage Nintendo’s Future

Besieged Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata, who is currently being told how to run his business by millions of man-children on the internet, has come out with a plan of his own about how to save Wii U and Nintendo's future dreams. It includes a quicker boot option for Wii U, licensing out Nintendo characters and the fabled creation of content for other devices. Read More >>

Watch Out Pirates, UK Chucking £2.5m at New Anti-Piracy Police Squad

The government is backing a new piracy crime division to the tune of £2.5m, with the rather oppressive-sounding Intellectual Property Crime Unit set to become fully operational by September. Read More >>

“Freeze! IP Police! Move Your Hand Slowly Away From the Mouse”

The City of London police is setting up a dedicated intellectual property crime unit, which will directly target individual downloaders of copyrighted material. Read More >>

UK Government Hoarding a £1bn Stash of IPv4 IP Addresses

A tech expert claims the UK's Department for Work and Pensions is sitting on a massive stash of unallocated IPv4 internet addresses, which could be valued at around £1billion. We could sell them to Germany to help reduce the deficit. Read More >>

Skype Investigating Vulnerability Which Reveals Users’ IP Adresses

Skype has announced that it is investigating a new tool which can be used to collect users' IP addresses. The hack, which can provide the IP address of a targeted Skype user without even having to add them as a contact, has been circulating online since last Thursday. Read More >>