iPad Pro vs iPad Air 2 Specs, Size, and Features: What’s New?

After what seems like an absolute eternity of rumours and speculation, Apple has officially revealed the giant-sized iPad Pro to the world. It's a Surface-like device that's aimed at the people who want a work device that can replace their laptops, but just how different is it from the iPad Air 2 that Apple announced last year? Let's take a look. Read More >>

All the Best Phone Cases for Nexus 6, iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, Galaxy S5, Xperia Z3, LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge (Updated)

It's 2015 and that case you've got on your phone is so last year. Think of all the nights out, days away, scrapes, drops and scuffs that it has faced in the selfless task of protecting your communication device. You need a new one. Read More >>

4K Apple TV with UHD iTunes Downloads in the Works?

Some fiddling with the iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 has uncovered the ability to play 4K video on Apple's two newest devices, hinting that the next-gen HD video format might be about to become part of Apple's streaming options. Read More >>

iPad Air 2 Review: The Thin, Light Duke

It's an interesting time for tablets. Ubiquitous yet stagnant, we love grubbying those shiny personal screens yet our general uses of them haven't stretched much beyond the read/create/play functions that earlier generations are still perfectly capable of. This means upgrade cycles are pretty slow, and slowing. Read More >>

A Poster-Sized Family Tree of Every Apple Product Made

Step right up, fanboys and girls: the relentless data designers at Pop Chart Lab have updated their Insanely Great History of Apple print, and it is a doozy featuring over 500 items from the Cupertino fruit slinger. Read More >>

The New iPad and iPad Mini Displays: One Step Forward, One Full Stop

A key element for a great tablet has always been a truly innovative and top performing display, and the best leading edge tablets have always flaunted their beautiful high tech displays. Read More >>

iPad Air 2 Teardown: Slimmer Body, Smaller Battery

The iPad Air 2 is probably most impressive for its design. The original was super slim, and Apple has somehow managed to make the new iteration even thinner. But as iFixit's teardown of the new tablet reveals, that hot design comes with a smaller battery. Read More >>

The iPad Air 2 Has Some Super-Fast Guts (Even if the Rest of it is Familiar)

So, last week's iPad launch was a little underwhelming. The iPad Mini 3 is practically identical to last year's model, with the lone addition of a Touch ID scanner. And while the iPad Air 2's new anti-reflective screen is praise-worthy, in terms of industrial design it's a less significant jump than that seen with the introduction of the original iPad Air. But that's looking only skin deep -- in the case of the iPad Air 2, it's real beauty may lie within. Read More >>

iPad Air 2 Meta-Review: The Best Gets Incrementally Better

While we got our probing hands all over Apple's new lighter, thinner, more TouchID-ier iPad Air 2 tablet for a good half an hour at the Berlin launch event last week, our review sample appears, rather unfortunately, to still be in the post. Or maybe Gerald's hiding it. Read More >>

The Best iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 Cases

Last week Apple gifted us with not one, but two beautifully designed new iPads that are out this week. But if you're already living in constant fear of dropping or scratching your brand-new touchscreen darling, you've come to the right place. We've collected ten of the best cases around to protect your tablet-y bundles of joy. Read More >>

Is a Finger Print Scanner and Anti-Reflective Screen Reason Enough for an iPad Air 2 Upgrade?

So, that was a little...underwhelming? Sure, the iPad Air 2 is thinner, golder and a little easier on the eyes thanks to its anti-reflective screen than its predecessors. And a Touch ID scanner might be useful for those that can't remember a four-digit pin (the same people that would struggle to remember their own names no doubt). But is that really it? No "one more thing", eh Tim? Read More >>

Where and When You Can Buy the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3

After the absolutely thrilling launch event, Apple has announced that we are getting updated versions of the iPad Air and the iPad Mini, cleverly titled the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3. Now that we know these things are real, there is no doubt that you will be wanting to know where and when you can get your hands on them. The network deals are starting to trickle in, with EE and Three already announcing they will be stocking the devices. More deals are going to be popping in all the time, so make sure to keep checking in to see what's what. Read More >>

Multi-Network Apple Sim is the Biggest iPad Air 2 News

Apple talked about a great many things during its event earlier tonight, some of it good and some of it bad. As it turns out the biggest news is something that Apple made no mention of: a multi-network SIM to give you far more flexibility. Read More >>

Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 Hands On: Thin When You’re Winning

Apple, as expected, has buffed up its flagship tablets to a high gloss with the iPad Air 2 (above) and iPad Mini 3, a stylish if safe evolution of its previous full-size slates, with the iPad Air 2 now officially the “world’s thinnest tablet” TM (Sony will be pleased). So we scampered down to the Kufürstendamm Apple Store in Berlin for the European launch event to get some early fingerprint smudges on the things. Read More >>

Apple’s iPad Air 2 is Ready to Scan Your Fingers

A new iPad Air has been revealed at tonight's showpiece event in Cupertino. It's the imaginatively named iPad Air 2. Who'd have guessed, eh? Read More >>