New iPad Mini Meta Hands-On: Ravishingly Retina

The little iPad Mini just got some big changes as announced in today's Apple event — first and foremost being a 7.9 inch Retina display. It's also got faster guts without growing out of its skinny little body. How's it run? Hands-on impressions say it's a familiar iPad with a screen that'll blow your hair back. Read More >>

Here’s How to Stream Tonight’s Apple iPad 5 Event

Got an Apple TV box sitting under your telly? Good, as today it's got a use other than just dishing out overpriced films and TV shows to you. Apple will be beaming out a livestream of tonight's iPad 5/ iPad Mini 2 reveal to all Apple TV owners, kicking off at 6pm UK time, so get the kettle on, grab the biscuit tin and settle down for two hyperbole-filled hours of tech news. Read More >>

Here’s a “Leaked” Gold iPad Mini 2 For All You Oligarch Wannabes

Though there isn't another object in shot to measure the tablet's scale against, NowhereElse is claiming that this is the gold-hued iPad Mini 2 rather than the full-scale iPad 5, complete with a TouchID fingerprint scanner where the Home button used to be. Read More >>

Apple Scrimping on the Retina Display for iPad Mini 2?

Alongside Google's Nexus 7 v2, the iPad Mini is, in many respects, the perfect tablet. It's light, it's well built, it's got a tonne of great apps and, for an Apple product, it's relatively affordable. But Apple went cheap on us with the display, holding back the high-res Retina. Those who held off on a purchase of the first-gen miniature slate for that very reason, look away now -- it seems Apple is about to do the same again with the iPad Mini 2. Read More >>