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Brilliant Augmented Reality App Lets You Star in Your Own ’80s Music Video

One of the most memorable music videos of the 1980s is A-ha’s “Take On Me” featuring a young woman who’s pulled into a world that looks like it only exists as crude pencil sketches. The video took 16 weeks to animate by hand, but Trixi Studios created an augmented reality app that can recreate the effect in real-time. Read More >>

How to Install the iOS 11 Public Beta (If You Dare)

Apple just launched the iOS 11 public beta for the whole world to try, and holy heck, don’t get too excited yet. Obviously, your iPhone or iPad will be cooler than all your friends’ are if you’re running the new software before any of them. There will be consequences, though. Read More >>

The New iPad Pro Is Incredible, But Not Worth the Upgrade

The iPad has a problem that we should all wish to have: It’s too damn good. The battery life and standby battery life are superb, the screen is pretty, the apps are nice, and the thing is powerful enough it can last for years. That’s wonderful for all of us consumers, but it is not great for Apple or any other company building a tablet device. They want us on the same yearly upgrade cycle we have for our phones. A concept, as IDC noted in February when it reported a big slump in tablet sales, consumers have largely rejected. Which is why every year Apple tries to build some cool new feature into the iPad to lure us away from our old, perfectly good iPads. Unless you’re an illustrator, this year’s iPad, won’t be doing any wooing. Read More >>

The Best Unannounced Feature on iOS 11 is Screen Recording

Apple packed a bunch of cool new features into the new iOS 11 update coming later this year, but it’s possible none of those are cooler than a simple screen capturing tool that makes it easier than ever to record videos of your iPhone in use. Read More >>

iOS 11: All the Cool New Features Coming to Your iPhone and iPad

Can you believe Apple’s iOS is 11 iterations old already? It seems like just yesterday we were excited about the prospect of an app store, or the ability to select and copy text. At today’s WWDC keynote, Apple revealed a host of updates and upgrades to iOS, including many longtime requested features. Read More >>

North Korea’s Latest Tablet Computer Has a Catchy Name: iPad

Ryonghung, a North Korean technology company, recently announced a new tablet. It looks a lot like the weird, firewalled computers the country has produced in the past, with the addition of one curious new feature: the name. It’s called... the iPad. Read More >>

iPads in Schools are not the Nightmare Dad Imagines

iPads in primary schools are not the learning-ending, gateway into adult iTunes dependency, Apple brand loyalty and sedentary health crisis trigger that dad thinks they are, with a survey of young kids in Northern Ireland finding that the key skills of children rose across the board after the tablets were introduced. Read More >>

You Can Get a Red iPhone Now

Apple’s online store was down for maintenance this morning, leaving us all in wonder as to what mystery product would soon be available to purchase. Would it be a new iPad Pro? A souped-up MacBook? The mass-availability of AirPods? Not quite, but there is now a red iPhone 7 or 7 Plus! Read More >>

Is It Possible To Actually Work On An iPad?

When Apple launched the iPad Pro in September 2015, it was more significant a moment that just a minor change of name. With the launch of the 12.9” Pro, the company was clearly deciding to reposition the tablet as not just a device for consuming content - but for creating it as well. Apple was hoping that we’d stop using our iPads just for reading and watching, but for getting some work done too. Read More >>

New App Turns Play-Doh Creations Into Animated Characters

Most kids’ toys are designed to survive years of abuse during playtime. But the toys they make themselves? Like a dinosaur made from Play-Doh? The odds of it surviving longer than ten minutes are slim, unless it gets preserved forever inside Hasbro’s new app that turns even abstract Play-Doh creations into animated characters. Read More >>

This Gaming Robot Is a Moody Narcissist 

Do not piss Deltu the delta robot off or it will stop playing games, ignore you, take a selfie and post it to Instagram. Cold. Read More >>

There’s a Pretty Serious Security Flaw in iOS 10’s Back-Ups

Every time a new version of iOS rolls out, there's always some of security flaw that rears its ugly head. Usually it's some sort of lockscreen exploit, but this time Apple's fudged the security of local backups. Read More >>

23 Things You Can Do in iOS 10 You Couldn’t Before

After revealing the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple is finally releasing iOS 10 for everyone with a compatible device today. Of course you’re going to want to set aside some time for playing around with the new software, but if you want to get to the newest features right away, then these are (almost) all the extra tricks that iOS has learned in the last year. Read More >>

Adonit Pixel Stylus Review: A Sketchy Pencil for the iPad Pro-less

If you were a company that does business primarily (if not solely) in its tablet stylus range, you would probably have been ripping your hair out when Apple revealed its iPad Pro and Pencil combo. How do you compete when the device your third-party accessory is most often partnered with gets its own first-party solution? Read More >>

Optimistic Fantasist Suing Apple for $10 BILLION Over iPhone “Invention”

Thomas S Ross, a man who undoubtedly uses the phrase ‘If you don’t buy a ticket, you won’t win the lottery’ has filed an extremely audacious lawsuit against Apple. Why? Because the iPhone, iPod, iPad and all of their competitors were his idea, of course! Read More >>