‘Full Version’ of Adobe Photoshop is Reportedly Coming to iPads

Adobe is bringing the “full version” of its industry-standard Photoshop app to the iPad, and its other desktop apps may follow suit, according to a report from Bloomberg today. Get ready to unsharp mask all the things. Read More >>

Apple Probably Isn’t Releasing New Macs and iPads This Summer, But it Did Register Some

When it comes to product releases, Apple may be secretive but it’s also predictable. Software announcements come in the spring during WWDC (as was the case this year) and hardware typically comes in the fall. A new rumour, fuelled by filings made with the Eurasian Economic Commission, has sparked some speculation of a summer release, but don’t hold your breath. Read More >>

Is Apple Brave Enough to Make an iPad With Face ID?

I know what you’re thinking: Innovation has slowed at Apple HQ. I agreed until I heard this news. Read More >>

13 Useful New Features Hidden in the iOS 12 Beta

You may have heard that there’s a new version of iOS on the way, bringing with it Group FaceTime and a bunch of other cool stuff. Each iOS update ushers in more new features than Apple can cover in a keynote though, so we took a dive into the first iOS 12 developer preview to see what else is coming down the line. Read More >>

The New Cheap iPad is All The iPad You Need

It’s rare for Apple to make a reasonably priced product that is also excellent. The AirPods—love ‘em or hate ‘em—are an example of this happening. The new iPad is another. It’s good. It’s not great! But it’s probably all the iPad you need. Read More >>

Apple Finally Talked Me Into Buying an iPad

For the longest time, the iPad was Apple’s big boring thing. It never lived up to its promise to revolutionise media and save magazines. It didn’t really change the way we play mobile games. It certainly didn’t seem like a good investment. For the first eight years of the iPad’s existence, my primary exposure to it has been at coffee shops with those tablet-based cash registers. But this week, Apple did something subtle but remarkable: It talked me into buying one. Read More >>

You Can Now Download iOS 11.3 to See Your Terrible Battery’s Soul

Apple has finally released iOS 11.3, an update granting users the option to enable or disable Apple’s controversial battery management feature responsible for an epidemic of old iPhone slowdowns. You can also turn your face into a cartoon bear now, so that’s nice. Read More >>

How Many Times Did Apple Make This Kid Lick the iPad?

Keeping with tradition, Apple has released an ad promoting its new iPad and educational tools for students and teachers after announcing the updated hardware and software during its education event. The heartwarming commercial is centred around “Group Three,” a cadre of five students who use an iPad to complete a class project about gravity. The ad, while highlighting the iPad’s new Pencil support and educational tools, raises another, perhaps even more important question concerning the actions of group member Thomas. Read More >>

All the New Education Software Apple’s Bringing to iPads and Macs

At an education-focused event in Chicago, Apple announced more than just a stylus-friendly iPad. The company also revealed some new features coming to its office and productivity software, as well as new education tools for teachers, school administrators, and developers. All told, the event seemed like Apple’s way of saying something it’s been wanting to say for some time: Stop buying Chromebooks, please. Read More >>

Oh Hey, There’s a New iPad with Pencil Support

While tablets don’t demand nearly the same kind of attention they once did, especially with Apple devoting much of its time to improving its pseudo-laptop replacement iPad Pro line, these handy little devices can still be pretty useful. Read More >>

Here’s Some Stuff Apple Might Launch Next Week at Its Education Event

It’s been about six years since Apple’s last education-focused event, but the company’s upcoming keynote on March 27th could mean more affordable devices and improved educational apps for classrooms and college campuses, a move designed to get more iOS devices in the hands of students. Read More >>

New iPads Could Arrive Next Month, if This Leak is to be Believed

With all the new announcements expected at MWC, it's easy to forget that there are companies that often forgo the big conferences in favour of their own flashy launch events. Apple is the king of that, so when you hear the rumour about Apple has some new iPads ready for release next month don't go expecting a surprise announcement in Barcelona. Read More >>

Go Update Your Apple Devices to Fix the Telugu ‘Text Bomb’ Bug Now

What started out as a seemingly simple bug turned into a real hassle when people figured out it was possible to crash iMessage, Twitter or even the Wi-Fi app on Apple products by inserting a single character from the Indian language of Telugu. And once an app had crashed, it would keep crashing forever until you took somewhat extreme measures like deleting and reinstalling the app, erasing entire conversation threads, or upgrading to a beta version of your device’s OS. Read More >>

Apple Is Rushing to Fix the Telugu Bug as Arseholes Use It to ‘Bomb’ People’s iPhones and Macs

While many bugs are relatively benign, often getting patched before the user knows anything is wrong, the latest plague to hit Apple devices is already wreaking havoc on the internet. Read More >>

iOS 11 Will Break a Lot of Very Cool Apps

Among the many new features and updates iOS 11 will bring to your iPhone and iPad, there’s one that some users might not actually want. Apple is finally neutering older 32-bit apps, which means that some of your favourite games or productivity tools simply won’t load with iOS 11 installed. Read More >>