Apple’s Magic Keyboard Really Does Turn the iPad Pro Into a Neat Little Laptop

The iPad Pro is the best tablet you can buy, but without the right accessories, it can’t fully replace your laptop for every task. The Magic Keyboard for iPad is the right accessory. In fact, it’s the perfect accessory. Read More >>

Apple’s Remote WWDC Gets an Official Start Date on June 22, Here’s How to Attend

In March, the spread of covid-19 forced Apple to convert WWDC 2020 into an online-only event. But back then, Apple never set a date for its annual developers conference. Well now we know: WWDC 20 starts on June 22. Read More >>

Another Text Bug Is Crashing iPhones and iPads

It’s been a couple of years since people were able to crash iPhones and iPads simply by sending a few symbols in Telugu. But now, it appears Apple has another debilitating text bug that’s causing problems for iOS devices. Read More >>

Apple May Release a Whole Bunch of New (and Some Unusual) Products This Year

I fondly remember the days when Apple events were packed with surprises (and “one more thing”), but those are long, long gone. The leaks are now rolling out earlier – and with more detail – then ever before, with a slate of new products reportedly on deck for this fall. Read More >>

Apple Reportedly Launching iPad Air With In-Display Touch ID

A smattering of leaks about Apple's upcoming product range has leaked on Twitter from a source that's not as well-known as the usual suspects, but appears to have a solid track record. Read More >>

Logitech’s New Keyboard Case Brings a Touchpad to Older iPads for Less than Half the Cost of Apple’s

Apple’s efforts to reposition the iPad as a laptop alternative continue with its new Magic Keyboard accessory that includes a touchpad. Yet it’s only designed to work with the pricey iPad Pro models. However, iPadOS cursor support extends to cheaper tablets so Logitech has stepped up with its own trackpad-equipped keyboard case that also happens to be much cheaper. Read More >>

Who’s Ready to Get Mad Over an iPad Notch?

Patents aren’t written in stone, but they’re definitely a glimpse into what a company is mulling for future products. On that front, a newly released Apple patent hints the company is finally recognising that most people use their iPads in landscape mode by shifting the front-facing camera and FaceID sensors onto the horizontal side. The catch is that one diagram shows a notch for those components. Read More >>

How to Use Your iPad With a Trackpad or Mouse

Apple has been promoting its iPads as laptop replacements for a long time now – with docks, and split screen views, and drag and drop operations – and the latest push comes with the arrival of iPadOS 13.4 and proper support for mice and trackpads. Any iPad that can run iPadOS 13.4 can now work with a mouse or trackpad too. Read More >>

All The New iOS 13.4 Features (And Why You Shouldn’t Update Yet)

Apple's iOS 13.4 is out of beta, which means there's some new features available for iPhone users. But before you get too excited, you might want to consider holding off until some bugs have been fixed. Read More >>

Apple Will Now Let You Buy Apps for Mac and iOS as a Bundled Package

Earlier in the year, Apple announced that it would give developers a way to bundle related macOS, iOS, tvOS, watch OS, and iPadOS app sales into a single transaction, and now, right on schedule, Apple’s Universal Purchase system has finally gone live. Read More >>

Leaked Apple Product Listings Suggest Refreshed iPad Pros Are Coming Soon

The iPad Pro hasn’t gotten a major update since October of 2018, which means they’re overdue for a refresh. And if a recent spate of product listings are any indication, there’s a good chance that revamped iPad Pros could arrive quite soon. Read More >>

Apple Is Moving WWDC Online for 2020

With Google having already shifted Google I/O to an online format because of COVID-19, Apple has now pledged to do the same for WWDC 2020. Read More >>

Apple Prepping iOS 14 for Expanded Mouse Support, Handwriting Conversion and More

Earlier this week, hints in early code from iOS 14 suggested that Apple is working on bringing support for blood oxygen monitoring to the Apple Watch. But now, new info has revealed a load of other new features that could find their way into iOS 14 and iPadOS. Read More >>

One of the Most Beautiful Side-Scrollers of All Time Is Now Available for £3 on iOS and Android

Castlevania games are mostly remembered as popular titles for Nintendo’s classic 8- and 16-bit consoles. And while a version was created for the Sega Genesis, one of the most memorable and beautiful Castlevania games was actually released for the original PlayStation – and 23 years later, it’s now available on iOS and Android. Read More >>