All the Best iPadOS Features That You Don’t Get in iOS

The big iPad-exclusive features (like the Dock) first started appearing in iOS 11, and now Apple’s tablets have a whole separate mobile operating system to call their own. To mark the debut of iPadOS, which starts on version 13 for continuity’s sake, here are the best features you can use on an iPad but not an iPhone. Read More >>

The Best iOS 13 and macOS Catalina Updates Apple Didn’t Announce at WWDC

During the WWDC 2019 keynote on Monday, we heard about a tonne of features coming to iOS 13, the new iPadOS, and macOS Catalina—but Apple itself admitted that there was much more it didn’t have time to showcase. Here are some of the best and coolest software tweaks heading to iPhones, iPads, and Macs later this year. Read More >>

Everything Apple Announced Yesterday

It’s not uncommon for Apple’s annual developer conference to start a little sleepily. That was not the case yesterday, as Tim Cook and friends made significant announcements including the death of a legendary app and the birth of a brand new computer. It actually felt a little bit exhilarating. Read More >>

iPadOS: A First Look at Apple’s Vision for the Future of Its Tablets

Apple has been trying to market the iPad as a budget solution for people who want an Apple laptop, but the iPad has never really held up to that promise. Sure it’s a great device that’s fast enough for general tasks like web browsing, light enough to take anywhere, and long-lasting enough to support you through a few hours of movies sans plug. Yet inevitably we reach for a “real” computer when the work is demanding enough. Apple clearly wants that to change, if today’s news is anything to go by. Read More >>

Yep iPadOS Really is Going to be its Own Thing

So that last-second leak wasn't coming out of nowhere, and Apple has just announced the iPad is getting its own operating system. iPadOS, which is a really stupid name - even if it is perfectly literal. Read More >>

Apple Geniuses* Decide to Relaunch iOS for iPad as iPadOS

Apple's annual developer conference is just about to kick off, and now some news has leaked right before the start of the keynote speech. It looks an awful lot like some geniuses* at Apple have decided to relaunch iOS for the iPad. It'll have a new name, which will inventively be 'iPadOS'. Read More >>