‘Unprecedented Conditions’ Will Rule the Oceans This Century, Striking New Report Finds

Humans live on land, but it’s the watery parts of the planet that dictate our fate. The frozen ice at the poles and in high mountains and the vast swath of ocean that covers nearly three-quarters of the planet mean this place is primarily earth in name only. The ice – dubbed the cryosphere by scientists – and the oceans provide sustenance and livelihoods for nearly 20 percent of the world’s people, and yet climate change is putting them all in danger, according to a new groundbreaking report. Read More >>

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Humans Have Transformed 70% of Land on Earth. We Have a Choice for What We Do Next

In what feels like it’s becoming a regular ritual in self-flagellation, scientists have released a new special report documenting the perilous state of our planet. The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report focuses on how humans have transformed the very land we depend on for our survival. Read More >>

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Oil Allies Refuse to Welcome Key Scientific Report at UN Climate Talks

In what is likely an unsurprising but no less troubling move, the oil alliance between Kuwait, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United States has intercepted the adoption of a key finding from the historic Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report at the United Nations climate talks—a move that is being chastised by many of the world’s nations as well as climate scientists. Read More >>

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We Have a Decade to Prevent a Total Climate Disaster

By 2030, we as a collective 7 billion humans will know our fate, or at the very least, the fate of the most vulnerable among us. A landmark report released on Sunday sets the clock ticking for humanity and its quest to keep global warming to within 1.5 degrees Celsius of pre-industrial levels. Read More >>

One of the Most Convincing Climate Change Visualisations We’ve Ever Seen

But we had so much snow this winter! But it’s only a couple of degrees! But the temperature in my hometown feels fine! We’ve heard it all from climate change deniers. This elegant visualisation ought to scare a few straight. Read More >>

U.N. Panel Reaffirms That Climate Change is “Irreversible”

The U.N. panel charged with a five-year mission to assess global climate change and provide a necessary course of action in order to stem its negative effects finally released a Synthesis Report detailing their findings in stark black-and-white. The news was all pretty doom and gloom. Read More >>