The iPhone XS and XR Are Getting One of the iPhone 11’s Best Features Too

If you’re on the fence about upgrading your iPhone, there’s another great reason not to. Multi-camera recording, one of the most impressive features of the iPhone 11 line debuted at an Apple event last week, is also coming to the iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max when iOS 13 arrives later this week. Read More >>

What Is Ultra-Wideband and What Does It Do in the iPhone 11

There’s a new (ish) technology in town, one that’s made it to the consumer smartphone market with the arrival of the iPhone 11: ultra-wideband (UWB). What is this tech, which now lurks on the Apple U1 chip? And how is it going to change how you use your phone in the future? Here’s what you need to know. Read More >>

All the Best iPhone 11 Deals Available on UK Networks

The phone may not be put for a few weeks, but after Tuesday's launch event we have the next big day on Apple's calendar: iPhone pre-order day. That's right all the new iPhones are available for you to pre-buy from today, even if they're not going to arrive for another week. Read More >>

Are You the Pro That Apple’s Looking For?

The new iPhone 11 looks like a great device. It’s got a new dual-camera system that can zoom out and take ultra-wide photos. The device sports an all new ultra-powerful A13 Bionic processor, which Apple says is the best in the industry. The iPhone 11 even comes in fun new colours, including one that looks like seafoam green. But it is not the iPhone 11 Pro. Read More >>

The Most Important iPhone 11 Upgrades Are the Ones We Didn’t Get

Another year, another new iPhone. I know someone says this every year, but I can’t shake the feeling that the iPhone 11 doesn’t seem quite as exciting as previous models. Now some of that could simply be due to update fatigue, as the iPhone’s legacy extends back more than ten years to 2007. But I’d argue the more significant factor that’s making me feel less enthused about the Phone 11's launch is that its tech doesn’t live up to expectations. Read More >>

The iPhone Lenses Are Giving Me Trypophobia

I’ve been nauseous all afternoon. It started when I was scrolling through Twitter and saw the first glimpses of the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max and their triple-camera horror show. Read More >>

Everything Apple Announced Yesterday

Every year it feels like Apple’s big iPhone event offers fewer and fewer surprises. This year was no different. Once again, we got three new phones and a new Apple Watch. But we also got some new and interesting details about the company’s future. Read More >>

The Cheapest iPhone 11 Might Be Impossible to Beat

The basic iPhone 11 could very well be all you need. That’s what I kept thinking during Apple’s big event, and afterward, when I had the opportunity to try the new device and its big Pro siblings. While the Pro models offer some impressive tech for people hoping for the very most from their photos, for most people, the non-Pro iPhone 11 offers a whole lot of value. Read More >>

Yep There’s an iPhone 11 Pro too, and it Has Three Cameras on the Back

So the iPhone 11 is the successor to the iPhone XR, the 'cheap' iPhone from the 10S range. Now we hear about the big daddy of the iPhone 11 range, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Jesus christ that's a mouthful, what was wrong with using number combinations? Anyway, here's how this is better than the iPhone 11. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 11

The time is finally here, after much rumour and speculation, Apple has just announced the iPhone XI. Things are new, things are different, or so Apple is saying. Let's run through everything the company told us about its brand new phone on stage in Cupertino. Read More >>

Sure Apple, Whatever

Apple still hasn’t set an official day for its annual autumn product launch event (aka iPhone Day), but that hasn’t stopped leaks and rumours from shedding light on what we might see some time in early September. Read More >>

Leaked iPhone 11 Pic Seems to Confirm Rumoured Design Change – If it’s the Real Deal

The iPhone 11 is expected to drop this September, so we can expect plenty of rumours to be swirling about between now and then, and the most recent one seems to support what we've already heard. Read More >>

Could Apple Really Bring Back Touch ID on the iPhone 11?

When Apple kills a piece of tech, it’s typically gone for good. That’s how things went for the FireWire and USB Type-A ports on old MacBooks, along with the “courageous” removal of the headphone jack back on the iPhone 7. However, if a new patent obtained by Apple is any indication, it’s possible that we might see the return of Touch ID to the iPhone lineup. Read More >>

Looks Like the iPhone XI Dice Camera Leak Might Be Accurate

Remember back in January when a really, REALLY early leak surfaced of what the iPhone XI – not due to launch until this September – might look like? Read More >>