This Guy’s Either Got Massive Hands or a 4-inch iPhone 6C

A video appearing to show off a shrunken version of the iPhone is making the rounds and adding fuel to the iPhone 6C/iPhone 5e fire. It’s being reported that somebody with Foxconn connections shot the 40-second clip, which involves a solitary hand fondling the handset, but sadly not switching it on. Read More >>

The Moto G’s Untimely Death and Other Tech Rumours From This Week

Will Google Play finally be available in China? Is Motorola’s Moto G in the midst of its swan song? Who knows! But we can at least pull apart the rumours and see what’s legit and what’s shit. Read More >>

Tim Cook Will Give Birth to the Average-Sounding iPhone 5e in March, Says Gossip

The iPhone rumour mill is officially in full swing. Ahead of Christmas, we heard that Apple was planning a March or April launch of a pared-down iPhone, called the iPhone 6C. Fresh gossip, however, says it’ll land as the iPhone 5e, with the e standing for ‘enhanced’. Frankly, the smartphone’s purported new name sounds like a load of tosh, but it’s now becoming increasingly tough to dismiss talk of a significant early-2016 Apple event. Read More >>