iPhone Users Come Out of the Woodwork With Their Burning/Melting Phone Stories

News sites hungry for more horror stories about burning telephones have managed to get some Apple users to speak of their overheating woes now, with one lady telling her story of how her iPhone 6 Plus melted and took half of her bedside table with it too. Read More >>

iPhone 6S Plus Teardown: Bigger, Heavier, Slightly Smaller Battery

We’ve already seen inside the iPhone 6, and now iFixit has torn apart its larger sibling, too. This is what lurks within the iPhone 6 Plus. Read More >>

Some iPhone 6 Plus Phones Have a Manufacturing Defect

A small number of the iPhone 6 Plus phones sold between September 2014 and January 2015 have a manufacturing defect in the iSight camera. It may be the reason your photos are always blurry! Apple is aware of the issue and says says it’ll replace the camera (not the entire device) for free, if you’re eligible. Learn more and check your eligibility status over at Apple. Read More >>

This Looks Like Apple’s Plan To Prevent Another Bendgate

Remember Bendgate? Apple tried its best to downplay the sensational scandal but there’s plenty of proof that the bendable iPhone 6 Plus is a real problem. Now, according to reportedly leaked parts, Apple will prevent the bend in the iPhone 6s. Good idea! Read More >>

Seven Things You Can Do in iOS 8.3 That You Couldn’t Do Before

If you've got an iOS device somewhere on your person then you've probably noticed the latest software update is available. Beyond the usual selection of bug fixes and patches (of which there are more than usual), there are a number of small but handy improvements for your iPhone and iPad to take advantage of — here's how to use them. Read More >>

Apple Pushes Out iOS 8.3 Update and Beats Samsung to EE’s Wi-Fi Calling (Updated)

Apple's iOS 8.3 update has gone live to the iPhone and iPad masses from 6pm this evening. It rolls out CarPlay connectivity, more diverse emojis (check out those thumbs up top) and, most importantly, a slightly longer keyboard space bar, alongside the standard performance tweakages. Nice, but so far, so typical an OS update. Read More >>

Apple Patents a Phone That Bends (You Know, Like the iPhone 6 Plus)

Was the iPhone 6 Plus's "bendgate" saga just a dry run for a future Apple mobile? Probably not, but a newly-uncovered Apple patent suggests at least that the Cupertino firm isn't adverse to the idea of a flexible phone. Read More >>

All the Best Phone Cases for Nexus 6, iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, Galaxy S5, Xperia Z3, LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge (Updated)

It's 2015 and that case you've got on your phone is so last year. Think of all the nights out, days away, scrapes, drops and scuffs that it has faced in the selfless task of protecting your communication device. You need a new one. Read More >>

You Can Now Buy a SIM-Free Unlocked iPhone 6 or 6 Plus From Apple

Apple is now selling contract-free iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in its stores and online. The 16 GB base model iPhone 6 costs £539; the iPhone 6 Plus starts at £619. Read More >>

Man Put Windows 95 on an iPhone 6 Plus Because [INAUDIBLE]

A Chinese hacker-slash-coder has come up with a method of installing Windows 95 on an iPhone 6 Plus, ideal for anyone who's still longing for a copy of the Windows that Microsoft did best. Read More >>

Netflix for iPhone 6 Plus Now Streams in Super-Sharp 1080p

All that screen space, all those pixels. It seems a no-brainer to get 1080p content onto the iPhone 6 Plus, and finally Netflix has seen fit to update its video streaming app to accommodate full HD playback on Apple's phablet-sized smartphone. Read More >>

The iPhone 6 Finally Made it to China

It's taken Apple a little while to take its latest phone to China. But, as a Wall Street Journal correspondent points out, now it's there, reaction to its arrival seems to be "decidedly low-key". Read More >>

The Galaxy Note 4’s Screen Compared to its Toughest Competition

The Galaxy Note 4 has a bonkers screen. That 518 PPI Super AMOLED stunner is one of the best parts of a great phone. But how does it hold up to the other big, high-res phone screens out there? Read More >>

Foxconn CEO Claims There is No Issue With Bendy iPhones

There have been a lot of explanations for the apparent problem of iPhone 6 Pluses bending on their own. Apple originally stated that it was due to people manhandling their phones, and renowned bender Uri Geller claims it was because of 'mind powers'. But Terry Gou, CEO of Foxconn, claims that it's just a "distorted view of reality", one that is "created by competitors". Read More >>