These Are the iPhone 6S Photos Apple’s Picked for its New Ad Campaign

Apple’s ads are always full of popular arty types with non-crooked smiles, laughing away as they use their iDevices and MacBits to make cool alternative music, shoot independent movies and capture lovely, expressive photos. The iPhone’s camera has always been a major selling point, and Apple’s launching a new campaign to really show off the handset’s lensy bits. Read More >>

Apple Reportedly Fixing Misleading iPhone 6S Battery Life Issue

Apple is reportedly working on a fix for an iPhone bug that causes the battery percentage level to freeze. It’s believed to affect both the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, and can trick users into thinking they have more power to eat into than they actually do. Read More >>

That Squishy Key Piano is Now Available as a Free 3D Touch iPhone App

At £600 for the small version, Seaboard’s Roli keyboards — with their touch sensitive squishy keys that let musicians enhance their performances while they play — aren’t cheap. But taking advantage of the 3D Touch feature packed into the iPhone 6s, there’s now a free Roli app that provides a similar experience on your phone. Read more >> Read More >>

Apple Shares Fall as Analysts Predict First Ever iPhone Sales Dip

This can’t be happening, can it? There’s increasing speculation that year-over-year iPhone sales are set to fall for the first time ever. iPhone case manufacturer Jabil Circuit this week offered an unexpectedly low revenue forecast for the current quarter, and those paid to act like they’re in the know say Apple’s going through a bit of a rough patch. Read More >>

The Best iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Cases

On the hunt for the best iPhone 6S and 6S Plus cases? Of course you are, you ended up here, didn't you! And so you should be - the iPhone isn't just a gadget, it's a super-sexy fashion accessory (or at least the Apple marketing machine would have you think so). Read More >>

Best Smartphones of 2015: iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and More

Nailing down the best smartphones of 2015 is no easy task. The phone industry is hugely competitive and we’re constantly bombarded by advertising about a phone which is claimed to be the fastest, the most powerful and the greatest thing since sliced bread. And often, those claims fall a little short of the mark. Read More >>

Burberry First Brand to Beat its Drum With an Apple Music Channel

Three months after launching its Apple Music streaming service, Apple has announced that it is teaming up with British luxury fashion brand Burberry, which becomes the first name to get its own "Curators" channel on Apple's fledgling musical venture. Read More >>

4K Video on the iPhone 6S is the Future, and No One Will Care

I’ve been pondering Apple’s addition of 4K video recording on the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. My feeling is simple, and applies to many facets of any new Apple product. Please, oh please. Do not let yourself be roofied by Apple ads and marketing-speak that will attempt to sell 4K as magical rainbow juice from above. Do not get sucked into the whirlwind of spectacular images Apple shows off. Read More >>

What Did You Think of Apple’s iPhone 6S and iPad Pro Launch Event?

Last night was the biggest night of the year for Apple as the company announced a host of a new products that will once against set the pace for the tech industry. Read More >>

iPhone 6S Plus: Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s Powerful Phablet

The iPhone 6 Plus changed the way people used the world’s finest smartphone. Now, Apple is making the jumbo phone even better with a faster processor, newfangled 3D Touch capabilities, and a revamped camera. This is the iPhone 6S Plus, and it looks predictably terrific. Read More >>

Where and When You Can Buy the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Earlier this evening Apple announced its brand new smartphones, the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus. We've seen all the new features and hardware that the phones have to offer, so now it's time to start thinking with your wallet and find out how much an upgrade is going to cost you. Read More >>

iPhone 6S Rumour Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

How do you make the best iPhone ever even better? That’s the perennial question, one that’s inevitably easier to answer as Apple releases innovative new products. This year, the fan boy universe finds a plethora of clues in the company’s wearable computer. The iPhone 6s, these clues suggest, will be a giant Apple Watch. Read More >>

This Looks Like Apple’s Plan To Prevent Another Bendgate

Remember Bendgate? Apple tried its best to downplay the sensational scandal but there’s plenty of proof that the bendable iPhone 6 Plus is a real problem. Now, according to reportedly leaked parts, Apple will prevent the bend in the iPhone 6s. Good idea! Read More >>

iPhone 6S Leak Shows Possible Force Touch Display

Night follows day. Summer leads to Autumn. Just as certain is an annual iPhone release and, if the yearly cycle is anything to go by, we should be seeing the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus land at some point in the first half of September. With just a few weeks to go until the expected unveiling the Apple rumour mill is kicking into gear, with the latest alleged iPhone 6S leak showing off what's thought to be display components for the new phone. Read More >>