Seven Receive Medical Attention After iPhone Explodes in Swiss Apple Store  

Seven people received medical attention on Tuesday after an iPhone battery overheated in a Swiss Apple store. Police in Zurich, Switzerland evacuated around 50 customers and staff from the store after an iPhone 6S battery overheated and started spewing smoke. The small fire happened as an employee tried to repair the device. The man was treated for minor burns to his hand. Read More >>

Apple Gives In To Furious Customers, Slashes Price on iPhone Slowdown Fix

Apple has finally recognised that it will have to do more to calm customers’ ire after admitting to, and then apologising for slowing down their old iPhones. In a letter my mother would have said was “passive aggressive” and “not really apologetic at all” had I written it, Apple wrote: “We know that some of you feel Apple has let you down. We apologise.” To that end, the company has slashed the price of battery replacements for iPhone 6, 6s, and 7 devices from $79 (£58) to $29 (£21) in the US, with UK discounts and pricing TBC. Read More >>

Here’s One Explanation for Why Your Old iPhone Feels so Damn Slow  

For years, people have complained about declining performance in their ageing iPhones, an issue that’s commonly attributed to Apple’s software updates. Something beyond a rumour percolated just last week, when a Reddit thread suggested that the cause for the slow performance could be due to Apple throttling phones with degraded batteries. This inspired the makers of Geekbench, a widely used synthetic benchmarking app, to give data gathered from thousands of phones using Geekbench a closer look. The data, according to Geekbench, indicates that there may actually be a link between software updates and old batteries when it comes to poor performance. Read More >>

iPhone 6S Shutdown Issue Might Be Bigger Than Apple Thought

Buried in Monday’s support update on iPhone 6S shutdowns was the news that that the problem might be more widespread than we thought. Read More >>

Apple’s Excuse For Random iPhone Shutdowns Sounds Weird But OK

After Apple announced it would offer customers replacement batteries for the iPhone 6S batch that randomly shuts off, the company now knows why the problem occurred: air. Specifically, ambient air a crucial battery component was exposed to for too long. Read More >>

Apple Is Offering Replacements for iPhone 6s Models That Randomly Shut Down

If you have an iPhone 6S that randomly shuts down, you’re not the only one. Apple is aware of a problem that it says affects a small number of phones, and is offering customers replacement batteries for those units. Read More >>

(Another) iPhone Security Glitch: How to Protect Yourself From Siri

I assure you that you’re not reading an old article. There’s yet another iPhone vulnerability in town, with Siri and 3D Touch at the heart of it. It allows anybody to access your photos and contacts with worrying ease, even with your handset locked. Read More >>

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6S vs iPhone 5S: The Gizmodo UK Spec Comparison

These are the days we live for. Apple has just outed its latest wares, and the iPhone SE is the product trapped inside the thought bubble hanging over everyone's tiny heads. With one foot in 2013, and another in the present day, it's essentially an iPhone 6S in the body of an iPhone 5S. I could stop there, but I don't think Gerald would be best pleased. Here's how Apple-branded trio stack up against each other. Read More >>

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What Happens When You Pour Molten Tar on an iPhone 6s?

There is no shortage of gadget mutilation videos on YouTube. Especially videos of iPhones. And especially on TechRax’s channel: Read More >>

iPhone SE Camera in Line for 4K Capabilities

It’s sounding increasingly likely that the iPhone SE will be more like a shrunken iPhone 6S than a 5S in new packaging. New rumours suggest that the upcoming 4-incher will feature the same 12-megapixel camera sensor as Apple’s current flagship, which will no doubt appeal to prospective buyers. Read More >>

Whatever You Do, Don’t Set Your iPhone To 1970

The tech world loves their Easter eggs, from Adventure’s original hidden feature to Tesla’s various car tricks. But don’t fall for the recent claims for one hidden in your iPhone: if you attempt it, you’ll brick your device. Read More >>

Report: Apple Will Take Broken iPhones as Trade-In

According to Apple shaman Mark Gurman, Apple will soon be expanding its iPhone trade-in program to include busted handsets. Read More >>

iPhone 7 Rumours, Release Date, Leaks and News: Everything You Need to Know

Get a new iPhone for Christmas? Sorry – it's already old news. 2016 is the year of the iPhone 7 -- get used to it. With sales stalling for the first time in the iPhone's history, Apple needs to pull something truly impressive out of the bag to bring the love back, and now's as good a time as any to gather up the best iPhone 7 rumours swirling around the high-tech aether. Read More >>

Apple Reportedly Fixing Misleading iPhone 6S Battery Life Issue

Apple is reportedly working on a fix for an iPhone bug that causes the battery percentage level to freeze. It’s believed to affect both the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, and can trick users into thinking they have more power to eat into than they actually do. Read More >>

There’s a Few Good Reasons to Download the New iOS Beta

The public beta of iOS 9.3 is available for all to download today. Normally, decimal-point upgrades aren’t much to write home about, but there’s a host of small changes in 9.3 that add up to a serious upgrade. Read More >>