The Best Apps for the iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera

If you’ve dropped the extra cash on the iPhone 7 Plus and its fancy dual-camera, then you’ll want to be sure of getting your money’s worth. That means finding all of the right camera apps that can actually take advantage of the new hardware. With that in mind, here are the best apps we’ve seen that have been upgraded to make the most of the bigger iPhone’s killer feature. Read More >>

The Pixel and iPhone 7 Plus Aren’t Sharing Screenshots Properly

Users have flagged up an unusual and very specific issue with the Pixel, which is struggling to handle screenshots captured and sent from the iPhone 7 Plus. Read More >>

The iPhone 7’s Portrait Mode Really Screws Up Sometimes

Some of the prettiest photos you’ll see this year will probably be taken with the iPhone 7 Plus. It has a portrait mode, finally made available to the public yesterday via the iOS 10.1 software update, that automatically applies a gorgeous blur behind the subject of your photo. (This is called “bokeh” in photo nerd parlance.) Babies look cuter, newlyweds happier, and pooches poochier with portrait mode. Read More >>

Go and Download iOS 10.1 Right Now

After more than a month of public betas, Apple has released the final version of iOS 10.1. This update brings the much vaunted “Portrait Mode” feature to the iPhone 7 Plus. Read More >>

Apple Launches SIM-Free iPhone 7 Options for US Customers

The iPhone 7 has been available for about a month, and we think it’s a great smartphone. But until now, you’ve had to have your new iPhone to a carrier, even if you bought it off contract. Not any more. Read More >>

iPhone 7 Review: Ready or Not, This Is the Future

At a glance, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus might be confused for their predecessors, the 6s and 6s Plus. Of course, this is deceptive. The iPhone 7 is perhaps the most drastic revision of the phone since it was first released nearly a decade ago, and it’s not just the missing headphone jack. Read More >>

You Can Try the iPhone 7 Plus’s Coolest Camera Feature Now

Apple has released the first public beta for iOS 10.1. In addition to fixing some niggling bugs, it adds a beta version of the new “Portrait” feature for owners of the iPhone 7 Plus. Read More >>

What the iPhone 7 Gained By Losing the Headphone Jack

The cool people at iFixit have torn apart the new iPhone 7 Plus. As expected, there are a lot of new changes, like the new camera system, waterproofing, and, of course, the death of the headphone jack. Read More >>

Meet the Only Two Guys in the iPhone 7 Queue at the Covent Garden Apple Store

Covent Garden, London. The centre of the city. A piazza that is almost constantly in a state of chaos thanks to the hordes of tourists, Londoners and irritating street performers. It is also home to one of the capital's signature Apple Stores. How will an already busy area cope with even more people heading down to queue for the iPhone 7? I went along, to find out. Read More >>

Apple Finally Got Me to Buy a Huge Phone

I’ll admit it. I’m a little annoyed with the new iPhone 7. No, no, it’s not the headphone jack, I’m annoyed because if I want Apple’s sick dual-lens camera, I’m going to have to buy the bigger iPhone. Read More >>

The iPhone 7 Plus May Have Got That RAM Boost After All

Unsurprisingly but still annoyingly, Apple decided not to talk about RAM at its Wednesday iPhone launch, instead choosing to focus purely on the new A10 Fusion processor. That led many of us to just assume that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus featured 2GB of the stuff -- the same as their predecessors. Read More >>

The Best Way To Charge Your iPhone 7 and Use Wired Headphones Is a Giant £35 Dongle

Upgrading to the iPhone 7 and lack wireless headphones? Say hello to your new reality. Belkin appears to be the first accessory maker with a Lightning dongle that lets you attach a pair of Lightning connector headphones and a charging cable at the same time. Sigh. Read More >>

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iPhone 7 First Impressions: Not Just the Same Thing All Over Again

Apple spent a lot of time at its big reveal event explaining that the iPhone 7 is the most “refined” iteration yet. Which is just a fancy way of saying that this phone’s design is going to look very similar to last year’s phone. Aside from a slightly different finish for the jet black model (glossy!) and some redesigned antenna lines, and that apocalyptic loss of a headphone jack, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus look very similar to their predecessors. Read More >>

How the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Stack Up Against Their Toughest Competition

So Apple has revealed two brand new iPhones, showing us a lot of things we already saw in leaks that popped up online many moons ago. Obviously all of you who are willing to buy iPhones are going to want to see just how well these new devices stack up against other phones available from other companies. So let's take a look. Read More >>