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People Are Already Trying to Put Headphone Jacks Back in the iPhone 7

The headphone jack had to die, and Apple fans have known the 7 was going to ditch the 3.5mm port well in advance of the official announcement. That hasn’t stopped lots of people from being mad about it—and a few others from finding a quick and dirty solution. Read More >>

This Case Transforms the Space Around Your iPhone Into a Trackpad

The future of gesture control could be snapped right onto your existing smartphone. That's the concept behind Fuffr, an iPhone case that turns the empty space around your phone into a Leap Motion-style gestural interface. Read More >>

This iPhone Case Can Monitor Your Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Oxygen Levels

From fitness bands to smart bikes, there are more tech-injected ways than ever to track your health. The problem is, most of them require both a smartphone and a separate gadget on your persons in order to track your stats. Cutting the clutter is the Azoi Wello iPhone case, gathering data on a wide range of biometrics and protecting your phone in one neat package. Read More >>

Having a Naked Girl in a Hot Tub iPhone Case Is Actually Very Practical

If you saw a guy totin' around this iPhone case that has a 3D naked girl taking a bath in a hot tub, you might assume he was a pervert. You'd be wrong. He's actually a very practical iPhone user that values function over form. Read More >>

The Bulletproof iPhone Case, For When Your Phone Absolutely Must Survive a Hail of Bullets Even If You Won’t

Making an iPhone bulletproof is all very well, but what’s the point when you won’t be around to use it once you get shot at? Apparently the Japanese love their iPhones so much that they’ll cover them with 2.5cm thick steel armour plating, no matter how much it weighs. Read More >>