WSJ: Two Different Big-Screen iPhones Are Coming This Year

Rumours of larger iPhones that take a page from the Android phablet handbook have been swirling around for a while now, and the WSJ is now chiming in with reports that two are coming this year. One with a screen bigger than 4.5 inches, the other with a screen bigger than 5 inches. Read More >>

A Giant iPhone Will Look Stunning

If you shut your eyes and listen closely, you'll hear the clop-clop of the inevitable: an iPhone that keeps getting bigger and bigger. And as much as we generally hate phablets, if an iPhone Plus looked like this, we'd melt. Read More >>

iPhone Math: What Would an Even Bigger iPhone Be Like?

So there have been these rumours of a larger iPhone. An ‘iPhone Math' is what some are calling it. Worthless, right? I rather hope not. As Marco has suggested, maybe this iPhone Plus is real, and the die-shrunk A5X is heading for this device. I'm going to assume that his wild stab in the dark about the device's existence is correct. Read More >>