Apple: We Would Never!

Following news that the US Department of Justice has allegedly opened an investigation into Apple’s practice of throttling iPhones with ageing batteries, the company is speaking out. Read More >>

South Korean Prosecutors are Investigating Apple Over the iPhone Throttling Controversy

Prosecutors in South Korea’s capital of Seoul said on Friday that they plan to investigate allegations tech giant Apple deliberately slowed down older models of iPhone to push customers towards purchasing pricier newer versions, the Korea Herald reported. Read More >>

Apple’s iPhone Throttling Apology Tour Continues With Slash in Battery Replacement Price

Apple has slashed the price of replacement batteries for out-of-warranty iPhone models the company throttled earlier than expected, lowering the price from $79 to $29. Batteries currently cost £79 in the UK. Although exact pricing is yet to be revealed, it wouldn't be unheard of to see Apple just swap the dollar sign out for the pound and call it a day at £29. Read More >>