Apple Is Rushing to Fix the Telugu Bug as Arseholes Use It to ‘Bomb’ People’s iPhones and Macs

While many bugs are relatively benign, often getting patched before the user knows anything is wrong, the latest plague to hit Apple devices is already wreaking havoc on the internet. Read More >>

Another Weird iOS Bug Can Totally Screw Up Your Messaging Apps

The seemingly endless string of iOS bugs is a sickness that just won’t go away. Just a month ago, people discovered that a strange hyperlink could cause Messages to crash. And while that issue has been patched, a new bug has appeared that can wreck Messages, along with a number of other major apps. Read More >>

Bill Gates Seems to Think Apple Should Just Put a Backdoor in the iPhone

Bill Gates thinks Silicon Valley isn’t worried enough about government regulation. In a new interview, he warned that big tech companies are being reckless in their support for end-to-end encryption, and he made some cryptic comments about Apple. Read More >>

Critical iPhone Boot Code Allegedly Published on Github

Apple is well known for keeping a notoriously tight grip on the code powering its iPhones, only rarely revealing the inner workings to the public. But in a move that some Mac and iOS experts are calling “the biggest leak in history,” an unknown source appears to have laid bare parts of the iPhone’s critical boot code on Github. Read More >>

The iPhone 8 and X Are Unlikely to Face Throttling Thanks to “Hardware Updates”

Apple's still dealing with the fallout from revelations that it was deliberately (and secretly) throttling older iPhones, even if the logic behind the decision was reasonably sound. Read More >>

iPhone X Damage Report: Two Months Later

Steve Jobs was a notorious case-hater. He once looked at Wired’s Steven Levy with disgust when the journalist pulled out an iPod with a case on it. “I think stainless steel looks beautiful when it wears,” Jobs said. For my own reasons, I’ve never used a case on my iPhone. Read More >>

Apple Sells iPhones?

Apple, a company best known for its affiliation with U2 and James Corden, had a big announcement yesterday. It’s earnings week, when giant multibillion dollar companies announce how many millions they made during the holiday season. Apple, which sells watches, set-top boxes, and, soon, speakers, revealed that it made a shit tonne of money selling... telephones? Read More >>

Apple: We Would Never!

Following news that the US Department of Justice has allegedly opened an investigation into Apple’s practice of throttling iPhones with ageing batteries, the company is speaking out. Read More >>

iOS 11 Is So Broken That Apple Is Reportedly Delaying Features in iOS 12

It looks like iOS 12 won’t be as flashy or fun as Apple originally wanted it to be. Following months of embarrassing bugs and performance issues, the company is reportedly pushing some features originally slated for this year’s iOS 12 update back to 2019. Engineers will be focusing on quality and reliability instead. Read More >>

Steven Soderbergh Loves His iPhone So Much He Wants to Make All of His Movies With It

You might love your iPhone because it’s easier than ever to take snapshots of your misbehaving dog. Academy Award-winning director Steven Soderbergh loves his Apple product so much he made a feature film with it. It’s a horror flick, and Soderbergh reportedly enjoyed the experience so much he wants to shoot all his movies using iPhones from now on. Read More >>

Apple Lays Out the Changes Coming to iOS 11.3

Apple's getting ready to roll out the latest update to iPhone and iPad operating systems — iOS 11.3 — and has just laid out details of all the changes that users can expect to their devices. Read More >>

iPhone Battery Explodes After Man Tries Biting It for Some Reason

A video of a man at an electronics store has gone viral in Asia. What’s so special about the video? As you can see in the GIF below, the man bites an iPhone replacement battery shortly before the battery explodes. Read More >>

South Korean Prosecutors are Investigating Apple Over the iPhone Throttling Controversy

Prosecutors in South Korea’s capital of Seoul said on Friday that they plan to investigate allegations tech giant Apple deliberately slowed down older models of iPhone to push customers towards purchasing pricier newer versions, the Korea Herald reported. Read More >>

Apple’s Latest Vulnerability is the ‘Text Bomb’

Earlier this week, a new bug affecting iPhones has been discovered. Nicknamed 'chaiOS', or the 'text bomb', it's a text message containing a malicious link. Even without clicking the link inside though, merely receiving the text message can cause the recipient's phone to crash or restart itself. Read More >>

Tim Cook Promises to Let iPhone Users Turn Off Throttling Soon

It only took a scandal blowing up in its face and getting hit with more than 20 different lawsuits, but it seems at long last, Apple will finally give people the option to disable the performance throttling that was slowing down older iPhones. Read More >>