Mozilla Calls Out Apple’s iOS Tracking Tech

Apple’s ads and over the last year have been centred around one idea: privacy. The message is that the rest of the tech industry is screwing up while Apple is not. Read More >>

iphone se
This Better Not Be the Plan for the New iPhone SE

A supply chain report from Taiwan suggests that Apple is planning to release a new version of the iPhone 8 with upgraded guts in March 2020. These guts could include an updated A13 processor which would surely give the old phone some new kick. If true, this could be the new iPhone SE model that’s been generating buzz for months. Many Apple fans with small hands, however, are surely hoping that it’s not true. Read More >>

Two Students Charged With Cheating Apple Out of £685K in Wild iPhone Counterfeit Scam

In a grift for the ages, two engineering students allegedly scammed Apple out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s hard to say if the students were very clever or if Apple is just really bad at preventing this kind of thing. Read More >>

iPhone Rumour Update: the SE Might Be Getting a Reboot, New Nanoparticle Protective Coatings, and More

It hasn’t been very long since the most recent barrage of iPhone rumours. However, the latest round of iPhone reports and musings are a bit more exciting, with word about the iPhone SE getting a reboot for 2019, a patented nanoparticle coating that could increase iPhone durability, and even a die shrink for Apple’s A-series chip coming in 2020. Let’s dig in. Read More >>

Apple is Making a Small iPhone

One of the big debates in tech at the moment is how to give people the small phone they want in their pockets, but the big phone they want for watching stuff. Most manufacturers have decided the answer is foldable phones, that are small when you want them to be and huge when you don't. Read More >>

Latest iPhone Rumors: Apple Adding the Stuff Samsung Already Has

If previous years are any indication, we’re still at least four months away from a new crop of iPhones. But that hasn’t stopped leakers and insiders from dropping clues about some of the new features Apple is allegedly working on, which so far, seem to consist of features that the iPhone’s biggest competitors already have. Read More >>

You Need to Update to iOS 12.2 Right Now to Fix More Than 50 Security Holes

Lost among Apple’s announcement of a new streaming TV service, subscription game service, and fancy new titanium credit card was the release of iOS 12.2. And while the most significant new thing in iOS 12.2 is Apple’s updated News app, anyone even remotely concerned about security will want to download the latest version of iOS ASAP as it contains 51 different security fixes. Read More >>

Apple’s Powerbeats Looks to Be Going Wire-Free, and Its AirPods 2 Charging Case Has AirPower on It

9to5Mac reported on Monday that it has dug up imagery hidden in the freshly released iOS 12.2 update of what appears to be a new version of Apple’s Beats Powerbeats headphones, dubbed Powerbeats Pro, that really are wireless. It also seems to have once again teased its AirPower charging mat on packaging for second-generation AirPod charging cases. Read More >>

Apple Has Discovered Reverse Wireless Charging, It Seems

Having just joined the 21st century by adding wireless charging to its phones, Apple is apparently now doubling down and adding reverse wireless charging too. Read More >>

Qualcomm Owes Apple £753 Million, Judge Rules—but It’s Not That Simple

While the two-year legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm is far from over, we’re starting to inch toward some kind of resolution. Read More >>

These Scientists Ground an iPhone to Dust to Figure Out What’s Inside

You probably don’t spend a lot of time pondering what your smartphone is made of. But maybe you should, because the average phone is a dizzyingly complex compendium of metals and minerals sourced from all over the Earth. Read More >>

Why I Regret Upgrading to an iPhone XS

I’ve had my iPhone XS for a little over three months, and it’s driving me crazy. Not the whole thing. The phone is beautiful, fast, a joy to use. What’s driving me crazy is an increasingly complex network of scratches on the display glass. The first ones were small, almost unnoticeable at a glance. Then, about six weeks after I spent well over £1,000 upgrading to the iPhone XS, a ribbon-shaped abrasion appeared on the screen and then another. The worst part is that Apple is pitching a fit about fixing it. Read More >>

Apple Will Now Begrudgingly Repair iPhones with Unofficial Batteries

If you've had your iPhone battery replaced by a third-party repair shop, you're now allowed to get your phone fixed at Genius Bars and Apple-approved places. Read More >>

How to Completely Google-ify Your iPhone

Maybe you’ve got yourself some Apple hardware, but you prefer Google’s apps and services, or maybe you just find Google a less scary Big Brother in your iPhone than Apple (though both companies should inspire concerns about privacy)—to what extent can you live the Google life on your iPhone? We’ll talk you through the steps you need to take here because there’s more to it than just installing the Gmail app and signing in with your Google credentials. But once you’re done Apple will have a little less info about your day to day life while Google might have quite a bit more. Read More >>

Look How Disgusting Your iPhone’s Lightning Port Probably Is

Around six months ago, I really started dreading the sense that I would have to buy a new phone soon. The iPhone 7 I’ve had in my pocket and hand for the last three years was beginning to have problems charging, and I could no longer use my Lightning connector headphones. It was really pissing me off. Read More >>