South Korea is Resurrecting the iPhone 3GS

It doesn't matter which era in history you're in, there will be people telling you that mobile phones are bad. They cause cancer, they keep you up at night, they're too addictive, and so on. Some people have ditched smartphones as a result, sticking with the old fashioned pre-internet phones that can only send calls and texts, but over in South Korea things are a bit different. Read More >>

Don’t Worry Apple Fans, You Can Get World Cup Statistics Too

Recently both Google and Amazon announced they would be tying their services into the World Cup. Google was doing googly things with search and Assistant, while Amazon was letting people pester Alexa with questions to stay up to day or hide their football-based ignorance. Those are rather device specific, so it's worth mentioning Apple's doing all that stuff too. Read More >>

This USB-C iPhone Rumour Is Too Much

A post by DigiTimes that’s making the rounds cites unnamed “sources at analogue IC vendors” who say that Apple could be moving the iPhone and iPad to USB-C by 2019. That move would spell the gradual demise of Apple’s proprietary Lightning port, which was introduced in 2012 and has been the connector for basically every iProduct since. Read More >>

Schematics for the iPhone XI Plus and iPhone 9 Just Leaked

You can't stop the leaks. You can try to keep them secret, you can try to ignore them, but they aren't going to go anywhere. Leaks are big business, clearly, especially when the next batch of iPhones are involved. Funnily enough some information just leaked about those just popped up, thanks to what are supposedly schematics for the iPhone XI Plus and iPhone 9. Read More >>

Analyst Predicts Apple Will Make This Year’s iPhone Range More Affordable, But I’ll Believe it When I See It

Back in the day Apple used the phrase "it does more, costs less, it's that simple" to showcase why people should go out and buy one of its computers. Decades later low cost is just about the last thing you'd associate with Apple, in part thanks to the company turning itself and its products into fashion statements. Read More >>

13 Useful New Features Hidden in the iOS 12 Beta

You may have heard that there’s a new version of iOS on the way, bringing with it Group FaceTime and a bunch of other cool stuff. Each iOS update ushers in more new features than Apple can cover in a keynote though, so we took a dive into the first iOS 12 developer preview to see what else is coming down the line. Read More >>

Shortcuts Is Apple’s Solution to Making Siri More Useful

According to Apple, Siri is the most-used digital assistant on the planet. But for anyone who has ever used Alexa or the Google Assistant, that doesn’t mean Siri is always the smartest. To give Siri more ways to help you out, Apple has created a new app called Shortcuts that will debut with iOS 12. Read More >>

Apple Is Trying to Make iOS 12 Less Addictive

It’s pretty easy to feel like you’re addicted to your iPhone. Apple knows this (as do its investors), and today it announced three digital-health centric features coming to iPhones and iPads as part of the company’s next big mobile OS update, iOS 12. Read More >>

Memojis Killed Me

Besides introducing new animojis and photo effects Apple’s also brought personal avatars to Messages. The new avatars are called Memojis, and I am still dead from that name. Read More >>

Here Are the Coolest Features in iOS 12

At WWDC Apple debuted the next version of its iOS operating system, iOS 12. After dealing with issue after issue in iOS 11 for the past year, the company’s shied away from a visual overhaul, opting to fix what ails the OS and add some features that, while not revolutionary, are welcome additions to iOS 12 (and hopefully mean fewer bugs in the long run). Read More >>

Rumour Says Rumoured LCD iPhone Will be Delayed by Two Months

For a while there have been rumours that Apple is working on a 6.1-inch iPhone that would stick to the old-fashioned LCD display rather than the new-fangled OLEDs that it put in the iPhone X. Some assumed the phone would be announced tonight, during the company's annual WWDC keynote, but a new rumour claims it's actually been delayed by a whole two months. Read More >>

There Sure are a Lot of New iPhone Rumors Today

While we’re not expecting any major phone news to come out of WWDC (aside from the possible appearance of the iPhone SE 2), all sorts of iPhone rumours are hitting the street as Apple’s annual developer conference nears. The rumours range from some plausible changes and upgrades to some very silly-looking new colours. Read More >>

Apple’s Got a Rebate With Your Name on It If You Paid Full Price for an iPhone Battery Replacement

Controversy over Apple’s battery management choices on older, out-of-warranty iPhones drove the company to offer discounted battery replacement services for affected customers toward the end of 2017. Now Apple is issuing a £54 credit to customers who paid the full price of £79 to replace their batteries last year, instead of the current £25 fee. Read More >>

Apple May Finally Give iPhones Fast-Charging At No Extra Cost

While we’re still waiting to see if predictions about Apple launching three new phones in 2018 are true, another iPhone rumour has cropped up foretelling a small change that could have a pretty big impact. Read More >>

Future iPhones Could Scan the Veins Beneath Your Face, Apple Patent Suggests

Apple has been granted a patent, first filed in 2015, that could lead to huge enhancements in the iPhone’s biometric powers by using “pulsed radiation” to peer into users’ veins. A relatively recent wave of similar patents could point to a new sub-dermal standard in future generations of smartphones and wearables. Read More >>