We Tested iPhone Fast-Charging and You Should Definitely Upgrade Your Charger

Your iPhone can charge a lot faster than you thought. When Apple announced the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the company glossed over the fact that all three of its new handsets were capable of fast charging—similar to what Android phones have been doing for years. Even now, if you go the spec page for Apple’s latest phones, all you get is a single line saying fast charging can add up to a 50 per cent charge in 30 minutes, but without getting a magnifying glass out and reading item 9 of the fine print, you would have no idea how you’re actually supposed to accomplish that. Read More >>

Foxconn Reportedly Used Illegal Student Labour to Manufacture iPhone Xs

Hon Hai Precision Industry, more commonly known as Foxconn, came into the public consciousness earlier this decade when a salvo of exposés described the degrading and often dangerous conditions its poorly-paid workers endured to build expensive trinkets like the iPhone. Today, the Financial Times reports that illegal labour practices persist. Read More >>

Apple Reportedly Wants a 3D Sensor on the Back of iPhones by 2019

After the relative success of Apple’s front-mounted 3D sensor on the iPhone X, which is the component that enables Face ID and the company’s playful Animojis, Apple is reportedly aiming to complement 2019 iPhones with similar tech on their backsides, too. Read More >>

Vietnamese Firm Bkav Claims to Have Beaten Apple Face ID With an Elaborate Mask

Apple’s new Face ID security for the iPhone X has sparked a number of concerns, with the biggest being how secure the biometric system really is. The tech giant says that while the facial recognition system is intended for convenience rather than absolute security, it’s less vulnerable than its Touch ID predecessor—though testing has shown that the system generally works, but has a number of faults and unexpected behaviours. Read More >>

iPhone X Doesn’t Work Right in the Cold, Users Say, But Apple Promises to Fix It

Just in time for winter, some users discovered a software bug causing the iPhone X to freeze up in cold weather. Yeesh, for a cool grand, you’d think your phone would work in a little chill. Read More >>

The iPhone X is the Best Phone for Photos Ever

Let's be honest — our smartphones today are more camera than they are phone. We use them to document our lives with images and video as much as we use them to message and check up on Facebook and Instagram. And apparently if you're looking for a phone that takes great photos, you can't go past the £1,000 iPhone X. It's the best phone you can buy right now when it comes to snapping still photos. Read More >>

8 Annoying iOS 11 Problems and How to Deal With Them

Updating your iDevice to the latest version of iOS gets you the newest features and the best security protection, but it can also bring with it a slew of bugs and issues. iOS 11 has caused myriad problems, so here’s an easy reference guide to some of the issues you might be seeing and what you can do about them. Read More >>

iOS 11.1 Keeps Autocorrecting ‘i’ to ‘A[?]’, But Apple is Working on a Fix

You have to love the quirks of software sometimes. And by love I mean "scream with rage as you try to avoid throwing your new £1,000 phone at the wall." That must be what it's like to be an iPhone user today, since iOS 11.1 has decided to autocorrect the letter 'i' into 'A[?]'. Read More >>

Apple Will Let You Check In-Store iPhone X Availability Online

The iPhone X is quite hard to come by right now, even by Apple's absurd standards. If you buy online you're going to have to wait three to four weeks before it arrives, but if you must get it in person, Apple now has an online stock checker for you. Read More >>

I Hate How Much I Love the iPhone X

I’m a total gadget nerd, and it’s been five years since a new smartphone made me nod to myself with the understanding that, “Yes, I need that thing more than I need air.” But the buzz around the iPhone X has had me a little more hyped than usual. Not just because the iPhone finally ditched the bezels and got an OLED display—Samsung’s Galaxy S8 lost its bezels in March—but because the iPhone X is the line’s first significant overhaul since the iPhone 4. I should know better than to fall for the hype, but after spending nearly a week with the device, I’ve actually convinced myself that spending £1,000 on a phone seems like a good idea. If you hate me for saying that, that’s okay, I hate me too. Read More >>

Tim Cook Says If You Can Afford Nice Coffee You Can Buy a £1,000 Phone

The iPhone X costs more than any phone Apple has ever sold, at £1,000 a pop. But Apple expects people will buy truckloads of them anyways, according to the company’s earnings release today, and CEO Tim Cook seems to believe you can afford one, too, because if you break a monthly payment plan down, it’s “less than a coffee a day at one of those expensive coffee places.” Read More >>

iPhone X Thieves Reportedly Rob £300,000 Worth of Phones From UPS Truck Before Launch Day

Today, Apple lifted the veil off its long-awaited, very expensive new iPhone. But yesterday, three reportedly “husky” dudes made off with as many as 313 iPhone X devices. The phones were apparently sitting inside a UPS truck outside of a San Francisco Apple store when they were stolen earlier this afternoon. Read More >>

6 Gestures You’ll Need To Learn For The iPhone X

The iPhone X's lack of a physical home button is the most significant update to Apple's world-changing smartphone since the original iPhone's launch in 2007. I've had an iPhone X for the last day, and I'm still getting my head around the new list of gestures and interactions -- so here's what I've learned. If you want a quick guide to everything new before you get your own new iPhone X on Friday, here's your cheat sheet. Read More >>

Here’s What You Get In The iPhone X Box

We're just a couple of days from the launch of the iPhone X, Apple's most important phone in years. Early hands-on reviews -- including our own -- are starting to trickle out into the wild, and YouTube's very own MKBHD has a typically very pretty first look and unboxing to feast your eyes on. Read More >>

Go Download Your 69 New iPhone Emoji Right Now

Remember earlier this year when we told you 69 new emoji were on the way? Well, they’ve finally arrived for the iPhone in the iOS 11.1 update. Just go to Settings > General > Software Update. Read More >>