A Dual SIM iPhone May be Coming, but Only in China

If you need to have a dedicated number for work, and don't fancy having to carry around two phones, a dual SIM phone is pretty much essential. They're not exactly uncommon, but there's one big company that has continually snubbed allowing its customers to add an extra SIM card to their phones: Apple. That might be changing when it releases new devices later this year, but the bad news is the coveted dual SIM model might be an Chinese exclusive. Read More >>

Apple’s Sole Main Processor Supplier Just Got Hit With a Computer Virus

A computer virus infected systems at multiple Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) factories on Friday night, disrupting operations at precisely the same time it is attempting to ramp up production for tech giant Apple’s future lines of iPhones, Bloomberg reported. Read More >>

More Info on The Rumoured iPhone XI Plus Has Been Found in The iOS 12 Beta

There are three things that are unavoidable in this life: Death. Taxes. Stumbling upon online iPhone leaks. Rumours that Apple will soon reveal three new iPhone models next month have been swirling for a while now, and a recent piece of dev-digging in the iOS 12 beta code seems to have revealed a shot of the all-but-confirmed iPhone XI Plus... though that name could obviously still change. Read More >>

Rumour Claims Apple Won’t Put Headphone Adaptors in This Year’s iPhones

When Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 it was, and still is, a controversial decision that divided people into two camps. While irritating that wired headphone users would either need to switch to Lightning headphones or use an adaptor, Apple was gracious enough to put both into the box. That good grace might not be continuing for long, though. Read More >>

Amid Massive Court Battle, Qualcomm Says Apple Won’t Be Using Its Modems in the Next iPhone

Chip manufacturer Qualcomm confirmed in a conference call on Wednesday that it does not believe Apple, with whom it has been locked in a vicious, escalating court battle over royalties and patents since 2017, will use its modems in its next generation of iPhones. Read More >>

Report: Apple Restructuring Its India Sales Division After Weak iPhone Sales in First Half of 2018

Apple has been having a rough time in India including the loss of three key executives as it continues to struggle to beat single-digit market share in the country, which is the third-largest market for smartphones in the world, according to a weekend report in Bloomberg. Read More >>

Apple Music Has Reportedly Beaten Spotify in the US With the Users That Matter Most

As Tidal continues to struggle, Apple Music has found major success, and if a report leaked to Digital Music News is true, Apple Music may have just become the most popular on-demand streaming music service in the US—at least as far as paying users go. Read More >>

Apple’s New iOS Police-Blocking Feature Has a Pesky ‘Workaround,’ Security Firm Says

Apple’s latest version of iOS, released yesterday, includes USB Restricted Mode, a security measure that seems designed to prevent unwanted decryption of iPhones by both bad actors and law enforcement using passcode cracking tools. Read More >>

Apple’s Police-Blocking iOS Update Is Here

It’s finally here. Apple’s long-awaited feature that is intended to keep bad actors from bypassing Apple’s encryption and breaking into your phone is now available. On Monday, the component went live in the latest iOS update and you should just go ahead and download it. Read More >>

Analysts Reckon Apple Will Scrap iPhone X and SE Due to “Pent Up Demand” for Newer Models

Apple isn't known for ditching its phones particularly quickly. Since it only sells a handful of devices, it's able to sell and support them for years longer than other manufacturers would, which is why you can still get 2015's iPhone 6S. But some analysts reckon that Apple will be discontinuing the iPhone X and SE later this year, all to focus on the three handsets rumoured to arrive around September/October time. Read More >>

Want to Appear Rich? Buy an iPhone

It’s difficult (and generally not all that productive) to guess how wealthy someone is based on appearances. But if you really need a shorthand to figure out if someone is rich or not, a new study suggests all you need to do is see what kind of phone they own. If it’s an iPhone, odds are they’re doing well for themselves. Read More >>

Don’t Expect Apple to Have a Folding iPhone Anytime Soon

Ten years ago Apple was at the forefront of smartphone innovation. The iPhone fundamentally changed what it meant to be a smartphone, but these days it seems to take a more reserved approach to things. Unless those things include trying to kill off analogue audio. So it makes sense that Apple probably isn't going to release a foldable phone in the immediate future. Read More >>

The iPhone 8 Returns to The Top of The Sales Charts, and it Might Have Something to do With The World Cup

Spoiler: Apple is making a lot of money with its portable telephone devices. It's also not a huge surprise that new sales figures show the iPhone 8 is outselling the more expensive iPhone X. Read More >>

How Apple’s New Software Turned My Life Upside Down

Software updates are exciting. I keep telling my friends this, and when they get behind on their updates, I’m all, “Hey, you’re missing out on good stuff!” This is part of the reason why I’m sometimes the guy who downloads beta versions of software. The bugs are annoying, but hey, the features are better. This approach recently backfired on me with macOS and iOS 12. Unexpectedly, I think the resulting disaster made me a better computer user. Read More >>

Benchmark Claims to Show off How Powerful the iPhone XI Plus is

We know for a fact that Apple has more iPhones coming sometime later this year, and that those phones are bound to be faster and more powerful than what came before, but there's a benchmark test claiming to be for the iPhone XI Plus circulating the web, with some noticeable upgrades from the iPhone X. Read More >>