Multiple Executives Reportedly Out at Snap Following Shake-Up Over Alleged Affair

Snap has reportedly ousted multiple high-ranking employees after an investigation into an alleged scandal involving its now former head of global security Francis Racioppi, the Wall Street Journal’s Maureen Farrell reported Friday. Read More >>

Three More iPhones Are Coming

Apple doesn't do big tech conferences like CES and MWC, so we're not expecting megaleaks about their new stuff as much as we are all the other brands. But nonetheless, a new report from the Wall Street Journal suggests Apple has three new iPhones coming out this year, one with three rear cameras, another lower-cost one like the iPhone XR and... something else. Read More >>

Everyone’s Hoping This Ugly iPhone XI Leak is Wrong

Apparently, 2019 is the year of the hideous camera layout. Read More >>

Researcher Who Said He Hacked iPhone X Face ID With a Printed Image Cancels Talk After Employer Shaming

Attendees of a major hacking conference in Singapore were supposed to hear about a mysterious, new method of hacking Apple’s Face ID, but the presenter scheduled to talk on the matter has withdrawn from the event after his employer asked him to cancel, according to Reuters. Read More >>

Apple’s Losing Money Because People Replace iPhone Batteries Instead Of Upgrading

Apple's put out a letter revealing that it's not going to make as many kabillions as it thought it would, and one of the reasons is people replacing their iPhone batteries. Read More >>

Oh No, Apple Probably Only Made £67 Billion Last Quarter

Tim Cook just issued a very curious warning: Apple is lowering its revenue guidance for the first quarter of 2019. In other words, Apple is not going to make as much money as it had previously anticipated, and it’s kind of China’s fault. How bad is the damage, you wonder? Apple now expects to earn just $84 billion (around £67 billion) in revenue for this quarter. Read More >>

Apple’s Future Looks Rotten

A weird thing happened this year: Apple put its brand new iPhone on sale just a few weeks after release. Well, it wasn’t an outright sale. Faced with poor sales, the company boosted trade-in values of old iPhones so that you could get an iPhone XR for up to $300 off. These slumping sales numbers are part of a trend, too. People just aren’t buying as many iPhones as they used to, so Apple has been scrambling to figure out its future. Read More >>

PSA: You Only Have 12 Days to Get Your Cheap iPhone Battery Replacement

Most of you will remember that right at the start of this year Apple was found to have deliberately throttled older iPhones, with the official reason being it was necessary thanks to issues face by older batteries that affected performance. As part of a sorry campaign Apple offered iPhone users a one-time-only, no questions asked, cheap battery replacement. That means people pay around £25 instead of £79. Read More >>

Apple Might Be Bringing Back Touch ID

A very interesting patent spotted by Patently Apple shows that Apple's considered making phones with both Touch ID and Face ID. Read More >>

Apple Is Sending Out Push Notifications Bothering People to Watch Carpool Karaoke

Tech giant Apple is sending out push notifications for its deeply annoying Carpool Karaoke show—a standalone spin on a The Late Late Show with James Corden segment which was released last year to terrible reviews—the Verge reported on Tuesday, in seeming disregard of its own policies on unsolicited promotional material. Read More >>

It’s 2018, and the iPhone Is Still Super Annoying

Lording atop its portfolio like some kind of £1,000 crown jewel, the iPhone is undoubtedly the Apple’s most important product. And for years, people have droned on about how the phone that Jobs built is the most innovative and user-friendly device out there. But is it really? Read More >>

Lawsuit Claims Apple Lied About Its Display and Shady Marketing Obscured the Notch

A freshly filed lawsuit is taking aim at Apple’s questionable marketing of its iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max by claiming, among other things, that the company misled its consumers about display specs and pixel counts as well as obscured the notch on its newer phones with deceptive wallpapers. In the suit filed in the Northern District of California on Friday, two plaintiffs allege that the phones are not, in fact, “all screen” as advertised. Read More >>

Apple and Qualcomm Slap-Fight Continues with ‘Ban’ on iPhone Sales in China

The legal tug of war between Apple and Qualcomm continued this week with what at first may have seemed like a rare win for the chip giant in a Chinese court. Read More >>

DHL-Branded Phone Cases Exist And We Have No Idea Why

Update: we now have some idea why. See edit at the end. Read More >>

Spotify’s Official Apple Watch App Is On Its Way—And Missing Key Features

One of the big selling points of smartwatches is the ability to control apps without needing to pull out your phone. However, due to the absence of an official Apple Watch app, adjusting music in Spotify using Apple’s smartwatch always felt kind of clunky. Now that’s changing. Spotify is finally gracing Apple Watch owners with bespoke software after months of rumours and speculation. Read More >>