Smart Case Concept Will Turn Your iPhone into a Homing Beacon

The BiKN for iPhone (rhymes with deacon, not chicken) comprises a radio-enabled case for the iPhone 4 and a set of tracking tags. These tags can be attached to important stuff like house keys or children—really anything you misplace on a regular basis—and up to eight tags can be utilised simultaneously. Read More >>

iPhone 4S Test Notes: Speed

It's faster. Screens slide smoother, apps launch quicker and stuff just works better. But that shouldn't really come as a surprise—we've seen the difference between an A4 and an A5 processor before. What IS surprising is just how fast the 4S' camera is. That thing KILLS. Read More >>

iPhone 4S Test Notes: No More Death Grip

Apple improved the antenna design in the iPhone 4S in an attempt to kill the notorious Death Grip problem in the old iPhone 4. Did it work? Yes. OH YES. There is no death grip in the iPhone 4S. Read More >>