Siri Will Command the New Mercedes A-Class

Mercedes-Benz has announced its plans to fully integrate the the driver's iPhone as well as the Siri assistant into future A-Class models. It'll be like having your own personal, mildly-incompetent HAL. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Note: Truly, Freakishly Large

For a while Samsung couldn't decide whether to call its Galaxy Note tablet or a phone. Considering that its 5.3-inch screen splits the difference between an iPhone and a Galaxy Tab 7, that's not surprising. Read More >>

The Five Funniest Siri Videos

The iPhone 4S was released a few weeks ago and its hallmark feature, Siri, has been poked, prodded, played with and patronised by everyone. Hell, even us. We made Siri talk to herself. We even talked dirty to her. And you know what, everybody has a Siri story! But which are the best? Read More >>

Siri Can Even Tell You a Story (If You Ask Her Enough Times)

Bored with Siri yet? Ran out of things to ask her? Then ask her to tell you a story! She'll refuse at first but if you keep on bothering her, she'll relent and tell you her origin story. It's funny! Read More >>

Look How Much the iPhone Camera Has Improved

When the first iPhone came out, the camera was an afterthought, only tossed in to feature match its competitors. Fast forward four years and it's an entirely different story, Apple has made it a point of emphasis and the camera in the iPhone 4S sh-sh-sh-shines. Read More >>

Apple Purposely Gave Siri Some Attitude

Siri, the iPhone's super sassy personal assistant, has some hilarious bite to her, doesn't she? It wasn't always like this! According to WSJ, Siri started with a "light attitude" until Apple bought it and then purposely gave it more of an edge. Read More >>

Watch Siri "Work" On the Old iPhone 4

Siri, the personal assistant extraordinaire, is one of the hallmark features of the iPhone 4S. But why oh why can she not be on the iPhone 4? She is, after all, just software. iPhone developer Steven Troughton-Smith thought the same thing and actually ported Siri over to the iPhone 4. Read More >>

iPhone 4S Test Notes: No More Death Grip

Apple improved the antenna design in the iPhone 4S in an attempt to kill the notorious Death Grip problem in the old iPhone 4. Did it work? Yes. OH YES. There is no death grip in the iPhone 4S. Read More >>

If These Early iPhone 4S Benchmarks Are Legit, the Thing Is Powerful

AnandTech has dug up some apparent benchmarks for the iPhone 4S, which they found around different benchmarking sites and believe to be true. Judging from the numbers, it seems like it'll be one of the most powerful mobile devices around. Read More >>