iPhone 5C Meta Hands-On: Proudly Plastic, Surprisingly Premium

The iPhone 5C sure turned out to be exactly what we expected, except with some serious iPhone 5 guts in there instead of the old 4S snoozers. But that's only half the fun. How do those plastic backs feel, with and without the horrible cases? There's one big takeaway: This ain't no "cheap" iPhone. Read More >>

Watch Apple’s Full Keynote Now

Apple just posted the full video stream from today's unveiling of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, so you can relive the whole debut all over again. [Apple] Read More >>

The iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Could Replace Passwords

The much-rumoured fingerprint scanner for the iPhone 5S is here, and it's pretty awesome. It's more that just fingerprint scanner, too, embedded in the home button to enable faster log-ins (and more secure too, we should think.) Hello, NSA! Read More >>

Apple’s New A7: Apple’s First 64-Bit Is 40 Per Cent Faster

During today's iPhone keynote, Apple announced the new A7 chip, featuring supercharged graphics powers that make the powerful features of iOS 7 possible. Let's take a look under the glass at the speedy monster that makes the magic possible. Read More >>

Apple, the iPhone, and the End of Surprise

This might not be a video of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. It might not show that Apple's next flagship will look nearly identical to the iPhone 5. It might not reveal that the current black and white models will be joined by a gold — pardon, champagne version — when they are announced on Sept. 10th. But it would be far more surprising for those things not to be true than for them to happen. And that puts Apple — and you — in an unprecedented position. Read More >>