Wireless iPhones Could be Coming

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has a reputation of nailing it when it comes to upcoming product predictions. Read More >>

All the Best iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max Deals Available on UK Networks

The phones may not be put for a few weeks, but after Tuesday's launch event we have the next big day on Apple's calendar: iPhone pre-order day. That's right all the new iPhones are available for you to pre-buy from today, even if they're not going to arrive for another week. Read More >>

Apple is Screwing us Brits on the Price Way More Than Normal

Despite showing off all sorts of things about its new products, Apple wasn't too keen on giving us any pricing that wasn't in US dollars. Which is annoying, because we can't always work out what the conversion rate is going to be. Tech companies are notoriously fickle about how much £1 costs compared to a $1, but this time it looks like we're really getting shafted. Read More >>

How to Watch Apple’s Big iPhone 11 Launch Event From the Safety of Your Bed

There are a lot of things to like and dislike about Autumn, and among then are both spider season and Apple's annual iPhone launch event. The former is one of the worst things about September, and the latter is well, an Apple event. Some love it, some hate it, and whatever I feel I have to watch the thing anyway. But so can you. Read More >>

Thieves Steal More Than £168,000 in Apple Products After Smashing Glass Wall With Sledgehammer

Early Tuesday morning, six people broke into two Apple stores in Australia by smashing the glass enclosure with a sledgehammer, according to surveillance footage. Read More >>

Yubico Makes It a Lot Easier to Use a Physical Security Key on Older iPhones For Super-Secure Logins

A hardware security key adds an almost bulletproof second layer of security for your password-protected accounts and info, but using them with mobile devices like iPhones has been less than straightforward. Today, Yubico is hoping to streamline that process with its new YubiKey 5Ci security key which is the first to feature both a Lightning connector for iOS devices and USB-C. Read More >>

China Subtly Mocks Trump, Says He Should Switch to Huawei Phones

The New York Times published a troubling report yesterday alleging that President Trump uses off-the-shelf iPhones to talk with friends and that both Russian and Chinese spies are listening to Trump’s phone calls to figure out how to manipulate him. But China would like the American president to know that if he’s worried about security, he can always switch to Huawei. Read More >>

Apple’s iOS Will Reportedly Soon Have a Feature That Locks Down USB Data Access After a Week

Apple’s latest move in its ongoing war of words with the FBI, the US National Security Agency, and other intelligence and law enforcement agencies over encryption is a feature that turns off USB data access on locked iOS devices. Read More >>

A Bug in the iOS Camera App’s QR Code Reader Could Send iPhone Users to Malicious Websites

A vulnerability in the way iOS’ camera app handles QR codes could potentially result in users being unknowingly redirected to malicious destinations. Read More >>

How to Tell If Your iPhone Battery Is Screwed and What You Can Do About It

Earlier this week, Apple admitted that it is deliberately throttling the performance of older iPhones running newer versions of iOS, explaining that artificially limiting the speed of those devices was necessary to prevent aging lithium ion batteries from failing. As TechCrunch explained, while users have long suspected the slowdowns were intended to cajole them into upgrading their phones to a newer, more expensive model, Apple says it is just trying to smooth out power draw on the batteries to prevent them from randomly shutting down. Read More >>

Apple Is Testing a Beta Fix to the iOS 11 Control Centre’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Switches

iOS 11, the fancy new version of Apple’s OS that shipped just about two months before the launch of its latest line of expensive phones, introduced some changes to Control Centre, its app which streamlines the annoying process of changing settings by putting the most commonly tweaked ones on a single swipe-up menu. One issue? The changes included buttons that appeared to be convenient Wi-Fi and Bluetooth switches, but in reality simply disconnected phones from nearby devices and networks instead of turning the chips off. Read More >>

The iPhone X is Indisputably Better Than the Samsung Galaxy S8… At Breaking

The iPhone X has just come out, and with it comes all the arguments about whether it's actually the best phone. Well I am here to tell you that the iPhone X is indisputably the best phone out there, but only if you're only counting its ability to break. Apparently this phone s very fragile. Read More >>

This £449,344 iPhone Robbery Sounds Like the Craziest Heist Movie

A year-long manhunt ended last weekend, when police arrested a gang of five Romanian stunt thieves near a large collection of Van Gogh paintings in the Netherlands. In their hideout, the cops found £449,344 worth of iPhones that the suspects allegedly lifted off the back of a truck—while it was barrelling down a motorway. Read More >>

iOS 11 Has a Secret Feature That Lets You Stomp Around Cities Like Godzilla

With the introduction of iOS 11 and a development tool called ARKit, Apple is betting that augmented reality could be the next revolutionary feature for smartphones. At the very least, it’s facilitated a secret feature that lets iPhone users pretend they’re giant monsters stomping through a tiny city. Read More >>