You Want an iPod Touch and/or iPod Nano in “Space Grey”?

You want an iPod Touch and/or iPod Nano in "Space Grey"? You got it! Because of course. Goldpagne however, is still reserved for the iPhone 5S bourgeoisie. Read More >>

A Bright Yellow iPod Nano for £79.99 is Your “Smartphones Suck” Deal of the Day

We're all using January to detox and get fit, right? That's it, nod your head as if you mean it. We know what you're REALLY up to. Read More >>

iPod Nano Teardown: Try Not to Break It

iFixit has taken apart the seventh-gen iPod nano to get a look at its innards, and found that this guy — like most Apple products of late — is pretty difficult to repair. Read More >>

How the New iPod Nano Copied the Nokia Lumia (Or How the Lumia Copied the iPod Nano)

There's a hilarious image floating around the Internet today about how Apple, the flag bearer of "don't you dare steal my design lest you owe me a bill", copied Nokia's Lumia with the iPod Nano. Just take a look at the image above! The iPod Nano on the right has the same rounded edges, same organically slapped on screen and same wacky colors as the Lumia on the left! Read More >>

This Is Officially the Dumbest Slogan Apple Has Ever Come Up With

Remember the iPad event this spring, when the "Resolutionary" display made everyone projectile vomit into each other's mouths and burst into flames, falling wildly into a pit of acid and shame? Good. Here's the next step in Apple's hellward ad copy spiral: Renanoed. Read More >>

New iPod Nanos Look Like Gorgeous Tiny iPhones

Brand new iPod Nanos also joined Apple's iPhone 5 party at the Moscone Center today. The totally redesigned junior MP3 players have a larger display, come in an array of beautiful candy-hued colours. Read More >>

iPhone 5, New iPod Touch and Nano Leaked By Apple’s Own Search (Update: 4G iPhone Confirmed too)

And there you thought it might just be called "the new iPhone". Well, at least Apple's own search engine thinks it’s the iPhone 5. Check it out for yourself, along with "new iPod touch and nano". Read More >>

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What Happens When You Don’t Click On Those ‘Free Nano!’ Pop-Ups?

You've never clicked on pop-ups free iPod Nanos. Why would you? But all those products they're giving away have to end up somewhere. As it turns out, that sad place is a Fonz-owned warehouse. Read More >>

Could the iPod Nano Be Apple’s Pebble Smartwatch Competitor With Rumoured iPhone 5 “Bluetooth 4 Link”?

The iPhone 5 rumour mill is burning pretty bright right now. The latest jingle on the grape vine is that Apple's working up a way to turn the iPod Nano into a Pebble Smartwatch competitor for the next iPhone using Bluetooth 4.0. Read More >>

Shroud Your iPod Nano In This Adorable Little Black Book

If you're bored of wearing your iPod Nano on your wrist, or on your head, or wherever else you can manage to secrete it, why not wrap it up in its own little handcrafted book that you can tuck away in the miniature library that is your pocket? Read More >>

Guy Gets Magnets Implanted in His Arm to Hold His iPod, Forgets There’s a New Design Every Year

The touchscreen-equipped iPod Nano spawned a multitude of straps and cases letting users wear it like a watch. But none are as creative, or downright creepy, as this body piercing artist who had four magnets implanted in his arm to hold it in place. Read More >>

Latest-Gen iPod Nano Is Your Sozzlepops, Puke-Green-Only-Guyz Deal of the Day

Normally whenever an MP3 player appears on the scene for less than £50, it’s a shoddy affair. Menus that are hard to navigate, a crappy display and/or the music falls out of the bottom of the thing and ends up all over your shoes. Read More >>

The iPod Nano Pill Speaker: Good for What Ails You

There's a pill to cure almost everything these days, including elderly boredom if I understand those vague Viagra commercials correctly. And now even one for remedying a lame party, even if it literally looks like a tough pill to swallow. Read More >>

Apple’s Recalled First Gen iPod Nanos Are Being Replaced With the Same Model

Last weekend we reported that Apple was recalling some of their first generation iPod Nanos with concerns that the ageing battery could overheat. And those of you hoping for an easy upgrade to the latest gen model will be disappointed. Read More >>