6 Reasons It Might Be Worth Buying an iPod Touch in 2019

Hey – there’s a new iPod Touch in town, and it’s in line to get the latest iOS 13 upgrade later this year (dark mode and all). But why on earth would you want a hobbled iPhone? Apple wants to sell it to you because it’s committed to services like the App Store and TV+ and a cheap iOS device lets it get those services into the hands of more people. Read More >>

Who is the New iPod Touch Good For? Privacy Hawks

One year ago, a team of FBI agents executed a warrant to search former Donald Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort’s storage unit. Read More >>

All the Apple Rumours You Can Handle Heading Into Its Streaming and News Event Next Week

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s an Apple event on 25th March. That’s probably why we’ve seen Apple quetly drop some refreshes of familiar products these past few days. Monday saw two slightly beefed-up iPads, Tuesday brought news of an upgraded iMac, and yesterday, Apple quietly released new AirPods. Read More >>

Latest Apple Rumour Says There’s a New iPod in the Works

It’s been a long time since the iPod was Apple’s most important gadget, and while the iPod Classic, the iPod Nano, and the iPod Shuffle are no longer available, the iPod Touch is still keeping the name alive. And if rumours are true, it seems Apple’s last remaining iPod is in line for at least one more refresh. Read More >>

24 Things You Can Do in iOS 11 That You Couldn’t Do Before

After months of build up and beta testing, the finished version of iOS 11 is out 19 September, just a couple days ahead of the launch of the iPhone X. So what exactly can you do with it that’s new? Here are the big new features you should get to know. Read More >>

iOS 10 Will Make These Apple Gadgets Obsolete

Launched in 2011 as the hardware vanguard for Siri, the iPhone 4s was a big software leap for Apple. But iOS 10, which even focused on making Siri better than ever before, will not work on the iPhone 4s. Sad! Read More >>

How to Quickly Flush the RAM on Your iPhone

Apps misbehaving? Phone acting sluggishly? If you’re experiencing any kind of problem with your iPhone, then emptying out the device’s RAM can often do wonders. It effectively ditches everything the phone was trying to juggle in its memory at once. Restarting your iPhone is one way of doing this, but there is a quicker option. Read More >>

Apple’s New iPod: A Touch Short of Useful

With the latest iPod Touch—Generation 6!— Apple’s iOS runt gets a better camera and powerful guts, which make it feel like a baby iPhone that doesn’t make calls. But why would you buy it if you already have an iPhone? Read More >>

The New Gold iPod is More Interesting Than it Looks 

You can now buy a gold iPod Touch. Eugh, I know, gold. Looking beyond the potential tackiness, beneath its golden shell, the iPod is starting to look a little bit like the low-cost phones that so many of its competitors are working on, too. Read More >>

New iPod Touch Launches With 64-Bit Apple A8 Processor and 128GB Storage

We told you so. Having not given its iPod Touch line a tinker since 2012, many had thought that Apple may be finally preparing to put its iconic music player line out to pasture. But today it's putting out a brand new line of iPod Touch players, complete with the iPhone 6's A8 64-bit processor. Read More >>

Today is the Worst Possible Day to Buy a New iPod

Rumour has it that Apple's secretly filled a container ship with new versions of the iPod Touch hardware, which could go on sale as soon as... tomorrow. Read More >>

16GB iPod Touch Now Comes With a 5MP iSight Camera for £159

Apple's most affordable iPod Touch player has been given a spec bump today, finally receiving the 5MP iSight camera that its 32GB and 64GB stablemates have enjoyed since the winter of 2012. Read More >>

Apple Offers ‘Last Compatible Versions’ of iOS Apps for Ageing Devices

With iOS 7 due to land tomorrow, Apple seems to have decided to look after users with ageing hardware, too. It now offers a 'last compatible version' of iOS apps if you attempt to download an app not supported by your current firmware. Read More >>

You Want an iPod Touch and/or iPod Nano in “Space Grey”?

You want an iPod Touch and/or iPod Nano in "Space Grey"? You got it! Because of course. Goldpagne however, is still reserved for the iPhone 5S bourgeoisie. Read More >>