6 Reasons It Might Be Worth Buying an iPod Touch in 2019

Hey – there’s a new iPod Touch in town, and it’s in line to get the latest iOS 13 upgrade later this year (dark mode and all). But why on earth would you want a hobbled iPhone? Apple wants to sell it to you because it’s committed to services like the App Store and TV+ and a cheap iOS device lets it get those services into the hands of more people. Read More >>

Everything Apple Revealed About macOS at WWDC

With Apple Music, Apple TV+ (and other streaming services) making owning gigabytes of MP3 and video files a thing of the past, iTunes, the iOS desktop companion app that’s been around since the iPod first debuted, is finally dead. In its place are a collection of purpose-built apps that might make the next version of macOS—Catalina—worth the upgrade. iTunes, you probably won’t be missed. Read More >>

The New £200 iPod Touch is for People Who Can’t/Won’t Spend a Grand on a Phone

In a world where the 'cheap' iPhone costs £750, it's not often that you hear about Apple releasing something that actually seems affordable. But it does happen from time to time, the only catch being that it's always the same product: the iPod Touch. It's the iPhone without the phone, and it's £500+ cheaper to boot. Today Apple has announced a brand new one, with the same low price tag and ct down features of iPod Touches in days gone by. Read More >>

Airbnb Discussed Potential Deal to Acquire Booking Service Hotel Tonight: Report

With reported ambitions for growth ahead of a possible IPO, Airbnb may have discussed a deal to buy travel bookings service Hotel Tonight, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday. Read More >>

Latest Apple Rumour Says There’s a New iPod in the Works

It’s been a long time since the iPod was Apple’s most important gadget, and while the iPod Classic, the iPod Nano, and the iPod Shuffle are no longer available, the iPod Touch is still keeping the name alive. And if rumours are true, it seems Apple’s last remaining iPod is in line for at least one more refresh. Read More >>

What Happened the Last Time Apple Had a Panic This Bad

On Wednesday, Tim Cook issued a dire, surprising, and historic warning to his company’s investors. Apple, the world’s first trillion dollar company, would be lowering its revenue forecast for the first time since 2002, thanks in part to bad iPhone sales and China (basically). But wait, you’re thinking, what the hell happened in 2002? Read More >>

Give Me This Adorable Case That Turns My Apple Watch Into an iPod

Of all the things you do with your iOS devices, listening to music is probably still one of the most common reasons you reach for them. The iPod isn’t dead; it just got lost in a sea of other features. But you could make it the star of the show again with this tiny case that (sort of) transforms your Apple Watch back into one of Apple’s most iconic creations. Read More >>

After ‘Baby Driver’, iPod Sales on eBay Went Up By 929%

Look, it might be a big coincidence - but following the release of Baby Driver, iPod sales on eBay went through the roof. Read More >>

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Apple Just Killed iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle

Two more members of the Apple family just got put in the ground. On Thursday, a company spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that it has “officially discontinued” the iPod Shuffle and the iPod Nano. Read More >>

What is Zune? Remembering Microsoft’s Forgotten iPod Competitor

It’s November 2006. George W Bush is President of America, Richard Hammond is recovering from crashing his rocket car, and Apple’s iPod is reigning supreme, having sent shockwaves through the music industry. Read More >>

Apple Forgets to Celebrate the iPod’s 15th Birthday

Yesterday the iPod’s 15th birthday. While some tech blogs celebrated—the International Business Times even coined it National iPod Day—the most important people appear to have forgotten: Apple, the iPod’s own daddy. No press release. No tweet from the Apple official account, or Apple Music or Apple Support. No tweet from Tim Cook. Steve Jobs is too busy either hanging with the tech angels in future heaven to notice, or caught in a circle of hell where the fires are fuelledby Galaxy Note 7s, weeping for his sweet iPod. Read More >>

Optimistic Fantasist Suing Apple for $10 BILLION Over iPhone “Invention”

Thomas S Ross, a man who undoubtedly uses the phrase ‘If you don’t buy a ticket, you won’t win the lottery’ has filed an extremely audacious lawsuit against Apple. Why? Because the iPhone, iPod, iPad and all of their competitors were his idea, of course! Read More >>

Got an Old iPod Gathering Dust? It Could be Worth Thousands Now

LIKE THEY DID BACK THEN, am I right, am I right? Seriously though, if you have an old iPod knocking around and you fancy making a quick buck, you might want to cleanse it of your old, Daniel Bedingfield-dominated ‘Chillax’ playlists and stick it up on eBay. Read More >>

How to Keep Decaying Gadgets Alive on Life Support

If you are a modern man, chances are you have a drawer or rucksack full of dead or outdated things you can't bear to part with. Routers deemed not fast enough, mobile phones not thin enough to be seen out with, and perhaps even the odd MP3 player from back when doing one thing was enough of a selling point for hardware. Read More >>

Best iPod Classic Hacks: DIY Upgrades and Alternative Uses

iPod Classic hacks can breathe new life into your once-beloved gadget, now rendered all-but obsolete by smartphones. The click-wheel iPod may no longer be the coolest kid in town, but the device that saved Apple still holds a special place in our hearts, and can actually still be useful. Read More >>