God Has Second Thoughts About Deleting Beach

God has decided that the beach in the Irish village of Dooagh on Achill Island looks better with sand, so, with a wave of a hand, he scattered a few thousand tonnes of sand back over the rocks and now the people have a beach for it always to be too cold to sit on again. Read More >>

These Are The Tracks You Need On Your St Patrick’s Day Playlist, Says Spotify

Spotify has found the top 10 Irish tracks used in St Paddy's Day playlists in Ireland, for purists who want to ensure their cultural appropriation has as much authenticity as possible: Read More >>

Houseboat Gifted to ‘Homeless Youth’ Washes Up Empty on Other Side of Atlantic

This weekend, a mysterious, tar-covered houseboat apparently built by a Canadian adventurer was discovered unoccupied on Irish beach — some 3,000 miles from where it was last seen. Read More >>

Tim Cooks Says Apple’s EU Tax Bill is “Maddening”

Apple's Tim Cook has been saying "OH YES PLEASE GIMME DAT GODDAMN PHONE" to media interview requests for once, taking any opportunity to have a go at the EU for branding it's bespoke tax deal with Ireland as a rule-breaking form of state aid. Read More >>

Some Guy Found a Huge Chunk of 2,000-Year-Old Butter in a Bog and it’s Still Edible

A 2,000-year-old boulder of butter weighing 10 kilos was recently discovered in County Meath, Ireland. Ancient butter experts believe that it was once offering to the gods. It’s also “theoretically... still edible” according to Andy Halpin, one of the Irish National Museums’ assistant keepers. Not a chance, Andy! Read More >>

UK Residents Turn Irish Ahead of Brexit Vote

Irish authorities say they're receiving an "unprecedented" number of requests for passports, as some UK residents look to rebrand themselves as Irish ahead of the possibly calamitous result of the EU referendum. Read More >>

St Patrick’s Day Porn Trends Are Exactly What You’d Expect

The permanently-erect (I don't know, maybe) folks over at Pornhub have revealed the search trends they saw on St Patrick’s Day last year, and they’re really weird, but at the same time exactly what you’d expect. To celebrate the passing of St Patrick, the people of the world become strangely horny for bearded fairies. Read More >>

‘Vague’ Bomb Threat Forces Baffled Apple Staff to Evacuate Irish HQ

4,500 Irish Apple employees had a jolly morning of standing around in car parks yesterday, after local police received a "very vague threat" that there was an explosive device in one of the company's offices. Read More >>

Apple Adding Desk Space for 1,000 New Employees in Ireland

The not entirely glamorous Hollyhill Industrial Estate in Cork -- where Apple's EU divisions send all their unmarked bank notes -- is set to expand, with the tech giant announcing a plan to create new building space with room for an additional 1,000 staff. Read More >>

star wars
Important Character Back on Set For Star Wars: Episode VIII

Reports out of the picturesque south-west tip of Ireland confirm that Mark Hamill will be returning to Skywalker-up the next Star Wars film too, with the cast and crew of Episode VIII said to filming new scenes on the same rocky outcrop used in Episode VII. Read More >>

Apple Warns of 10-Year Irish Back Tax Bill

Apple has gone public with concerns about the investigation of its tax arrangements with Irish authorities, warning shareholders that it might face a demand for 10 years of back payments of tax should the EC rule against the Irish tax position. Read More >>

Google Play Gift Cards on Their Way to Ireland

Android users in Ireland will soon be able to "gift" each other money to spend in Google's Play shop, with the pre-paid gift cards set to launch there soon according to an FAQ on Google's support pages.  [Google via Android Police] Read More >>

EC May Suggest Apple Benefited from “Illegal” Irish Tax Deal

The European Commission is expected to publish a letter tomorrow, one it sent to the Irish government back in June that outlines the course its investigation into Apple's tax treatment. It's expected that it'll say the deal between Irish regulators and Apple broke EU state aid rules. Read More >>

Ireland Ranked “Best Country” in International Good-Doing League

Ireland has been tagged the best country in the world, as part of an odd attempt to combine historical achievements with global contributions and somehow rank all of the countries in the world. Read More >>