So-Called Experts Warn Against Building a Sea Bridge Over a Bomb Dump

The prime minister has been in the news for suggesting we build a literal bridge with part of the union, this time reviving the old notion of linking Scotland to Northern Ireland via a 20 mile crossing over the Irish Sea that would demonstrate that the UK of today definitely has the ability to pay the Chinese to build something for us. Read More >>

M&S Shamed for Imaginary Anti-Welsh Propaganda

Bored people have been pretending not to understand something on purpose again, this time turning their misplaced wrath on Marks & Spencer for selling a jigsaw puzzle that obliterates Wales and rejoins Ireland into one. Read More >>

Storm Lorenzo Blasts the Azores, Sets Its Sights on Ireland

Storm Lorenzo, the weirdest storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, struck the Azores on Wednesday and is forecast to continue its jaunt across the eastern Atlantic toward Ireland. It could make a rare landfall there with hurricane-force winds and crippling surf. Read More >>

Irish Stamps Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Landing on Ireland

The Irish postal service joined in with the excitement surrounding the 50th anniversary of the Americans leaving a few bags of poo on the moon as a proto-metaphor for the US of 2019, and released some commemorative stamps featuring Neil Armstrong and everyone's favourite trivia answer Michael Collins. Sadly, a misspelling of the Irish word for "moon" resulted in the stamps celebrating it being 50 years since the developed world first landed on the Irish. Read More >>

Ireland Not Keen on Cashing Apple’s £12bn Tax Cheque

Apple has paid the massive back tax pile the EU said it owed Ireland over alleged state aid violations, but instead of blowing the money on loads of skyscrapers, high-speed train networks, bridges and tunnels and installing big wheels in every town and city across the nation, Irish politicians are keeping the money safe and untouched in an account. And trying to be allowed to give it back. Read More >>

Ahead of Ireland’s Abortion Referendum Vote, Anti-Choice Group Pushes Propaganda DVD on Students

A pro-life group emailed schools in Ireland urging principals and religion teachers to show students a DVD that included excerpts from a 1980s anti-abortion propaganda video. Read More >>

Google Joins Facebook in Banning All Ads Related to Ireland’s Big Abortion Vote 

Ireland is less than two weeks out from a historic vote on its abortion referendum, and anti-choice groups have been trying to manipulate people online in order to sway their decision. And tech companies are just now restricting some of these efforts. Most recently, Google announced that it would suspend all ads related to the referendum. Read More >>

Apple Begrudgingly Agrees to Pay Ireland Nearly £11 Billion in Back Taxes

Apple, whose CEO Tim Cook likes to talk a big game about how the tech industry should be more socially responsible while overseeing an international tax-avoidance regime that puts Scrooge McDuck’s gold-filled vault/swimming pool to shame, has agreed to repay Ireland over €12 billion (around £10.8 million) in unpaid taxes, the Wall Street Journal reported. Read More >>

How Did Ireland Entertain Itself During Hurricane Ophelia? By Watching Porn

Remember last week? While we English (and possibly Welsh) people were staring at the pretty, possibly apocalyptic skies, Ireland was heading into the worst storm the country had seen for a very long time. The country was shut down as a result, with everyone being warned to stay indoors. How do you stay entertained when you're inside all day? You watch porn. Read More >>

EU Takes Ireland to Court Over Unpaid €13bn State Aid Bill

Apple hasn't paid Ireland the vast amount of tax it was deemed to owe as the result of a competition investigation into how it handles its European tax affairs, so the European Commission is launching legal proceedings in the European Court of Justice to force Ireland to recover the bill. Read More >>

Apple’s Tax Ruling Might See Ireland Slapped With a Non-Compliance Fine

Everyone knows that Apple has been slapped with a €15 billion (~£13.2 billion) fine for using Ireland as a tax haven, and everyone knows both Apple and Ireland weren't happy about being told off. Well everyone is about to get even more annoyed, because Ireland could end up being fined as well. Read More >>

God Has Second Thoughts About Deleting Beach

God has decided that the beach in the Irish village of Dooagh on Achill Island looks better with sand, so, with a wave of a hand, he scattered a few thousand tonnes of sand back over the rocks and now the people have a beach for it always to be too cold to sit on again. Read More >>

These Are The Tracks You Need On Your St Patrick’s Day Playlist, Says Spotify

Spotify has found the top 10 Irish tracks used in St Paddy's Day playlists in Ireland, for purists who want to ensure their cultural appropriation has as much authenticity as possible: Read More >>

Houseboat Gifted to ‘Homeless Youth’ Washes Up Empty on Other Side of Atlantic

This weekend, a mysterious, tar-covered houseboat apparently built by a Canadian adventurer was discovered unoccupied on Irish beach — some 3,000 miles from where it was last seen. Read More >>

Tim Cooks Says Apple’s EU Tax Bill is “Maddening”

Apple's Tim Cook has been saying "OH YES PLEASE GIMME DAT GODDAMN PHONE" to media interview requests for once, taking any opportunity to have a go at the EU for branding it's bespoke tax deal with Ireland as a rule-breaking form of state aid. Read More >>