Amazing Photographs Capture the Microscopic Iridescence of Peacock Feathers

Male peacocks are justly admired for their brilliantly coloured plumage. Canadian photographer Waldo Nell has captured the underlying microscopic structure behind those stunning hues in extraordinary detail in his latest photographic series. Read More >>

A Photographer Toiled for Six Years To Capture This Kingfisher in Mid-Dive

It took six years and 720,000 exposures, but Scottish wildlife photographer Alan McFayden finally got his bird. He captured this stunning image of a female kingfisher in a rare mid-dive, perfectly mirrored in the water below. Read More >>

This Tulip Cloaks Itself in Shimmery Iridescent Armour

Queen of Night tulips are known for their ultra-deep purple hue, with a touch of shimmer to enhance the jewel tones, but they don’t get that striking colour from the usual pigment molecules. According to a new paper in The Journal of Chemical Physics, what you’re seeing is actually a result of how the plant’s cellulose structure interacts with light. Read More >>