Irn-Bru is Your Environmentally Sound Wind-Powered Beverage Choice

Irn-Bru manufacturer AG Barr is trying to bolster its environmental credentials, thanks to a deal with Swedish energy provider Vattenfall to supply its facilities with only the most natural energy produced by the nation's hardest, coldest, endlessly renewable coastal winds. Read More >>

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Irn Bru Releases Original Sugar-Loaded Drink From 1901 to Ruin Your Teeth

Irn Bru fans are known for their dedication to their favourite soft drink, with stockpiling and howls of anguish when the sugar content of the Trump-coloured beverage was halved last year ahead of the introduction of the sugar tax, as well as efforts by one sugar fiend absolute genius to homebrew his own recipe that tastes the same as the old version. Read More >>

Irn Bru Fans Plan Factory Raid For Full-Sugar Recipe

An online hardcore of Irn Bru fans are threatening to gather at the drink's key manufacturing facility in Scotland, where they might, but almost certainly won't, storm the premises to find the original sugary recipe. Read More >>

Sugar Tax Hits Scotland’s National Carbonated Beverage

The government's introduction of the levy on sugary drinks that caused mass reformulations of our go-to bottled fizzes has had a negative impact on the fortunes of AG Barr, the maker of Scotland's beloved orange elixir Irn-Bru. Read More >>

Vegan Irn-Bru Sandwiches Exist Now

We didn't think there was much of a crossover between Irn-Bru fans and vegans, but either we were wrong or a café is about to go bust, because it's gone to all the effort of creating a sandwich that combines the two. Read More >>

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Genius Scotsman Reverse-Engineers His Own Full-Sugar Irn Bru

News that the sugar in Irn Bru was being cut in half did not go down well in Scotland, where it's the best-selling drink – above even Coca-Cola products, which win in most territories. But an enterprising Scotsman reckons he's come up with a homebrew recipe that tastes the same as the old version. Read More >>

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50 Shades Of Orange: Putting Trump’s Irn-Bru Ban To The Test

If you're not Scottish you may have, in passing, seen that Donald Trump's luxury golf course in Turnberry has banned the sale of Irn-Bru on its premises. If you are Scottish no doubt this news will have put you in a bad mood since this time last week, as these tweets from Kotaku UK's resident Scot (and Editor) Rich Stanton will show: Read More >>

Irn Bru Has Had to Apologise for its Latest Advert, Because it Sounds Rude

People love to complain, and adverts are one of the things they enjoy complaining about the most - for a variety of reasons. Maybe they're untrue, maybe they feature rapping chickens, who knows. Irn Bru has just had to issue an apology for it's latest advert, which declares "Don't be a can't, be a can." Read More >>

Irn Bru Enthusiasts Can Now be Buried in a Branded Coffin

It would probably be libellous of us to say that people who drink Irn Bru are likely to die sooner than everyone else, so we won't say that. But just in case you are an Irn Bru fan and you are planning on dying in the near future from entirely unrelated complications, here's a thing. An Irn Bru coffin. Read More >>

Original Recipe Irn Bru ‘Fanny’ Bottle for Sale on eBay for £1,700

There's currently a glass bottle of Irn Bru on sale on eBay for £1,700. It's even got a bid on it. A limited edition bottle from 2013, it's got the word "Fanny" printed on it — from a promotion that ran in Scotland to tie in with the popular TV ad that ran at the time: Read More >>