We All Need a Robot Like This to Iron Our Clothes

Ironing sucks, but it’s the kind of precise activity that usually stumps robots. No longer, because a wonderful team of engineers has developed a robot that can smooth the creases right out of your most wrinkled pair of pants. Read More >>

These Art Pieces Made By Ironing Are Incredible

I can hardly even iron my shirt without burning myself so I'm absolutely impressed with this ad showing artists ironing a sheet into famous art pieces. A few snaps of the fabric here, some presses there and all of a suddenly there's a girl with a pearl earring. Read More >>

Ironing Your Clothes Would Be a Million Times Easier with This Simple Gadget

For the perpetually un-grown up among us, ironing clothes without steaming in creases in the wrong places is mostly totally impossible. Iron one side, wrinkle the crap out of the other. Repeat. Hopefully this genius invention from Quirky will save me (us, I mean us) from spending 15 minutes ironing one dress shirt. Read More >>