Some Wally In The US Wrapped A Book About Not Using Plastic In Plastic

Imagine going through the epic slog of writing and publishing an entire book (we can barely manage an entire tweet since it went up to 240 characters), then finding that some pillock in America packaged it in a way that undermines the whole thing. Read More >>

Ironic Book Trend Thankfully Collapses

In last year's financial figures, high street retailer WH Smith gave us the fantastic news that adult colouring books were dying on their arse. And we rejoiced. This year, there's some even better news about the death of an execrable trend -- the concept of ironic funny modern versions of classic books is cratering now. And we rejoice harder. Read More >>

Note To Wannabe Anonymous Hacktivists: Sometimes The Target Is You

Anyone considering joining the ranks of Anonymous should be aware that the software tools they use to attack others might well turn on them too. Read More >>

London Street Art Covered By Anti-Gentrification Rant

The relentless march of gentrification has annoyed one Londoner enough that they've covered a really quite lovely street art mural with a badly-spaced rant. Read More >>

The Pirate Bay Is Pissed About Pathetic Pirates Pirating The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is complaining about piracy, of, err, itself. It seems the pirates don't like getting a taste of their own medicine, and aren't too chuffed with all The Pirate Bay copycats that have been popping up because of all that blockade action we've been seeing in the UK of late. Read More >>