Australia Shares Secrets of Its Offensive Cyberwar Against ISIS to Entice New Hacker Troops

Australia has revealed for the first time that the country conducted a remote cyberattack against ISIS commanders in the Middle East to disrupt communications, all coordinated with Coalition fighters on the ground. Read More >>

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US Hired Cambridge Analytica’s Parent Company to Undermine Terrorist Recruiters Online

New details have emerged regarding the no-bid US State Department contract awarded last year to SCL Group, the parent company of the now-defunct data analysis firm Cambridge Analytica. Read More >>

Report: Facebook Really Is Connecting People, Specifically ISIS

Facebook is connecting more than just distant relatives who post too much about their children, at least per a recent study that concludes it is connecting new affiliates to the Islamic State’s digital networks. According to the Telegraph, researchers with the Counter Extremism Project analysed the social media habits of roughly 1,000 ISIS supporters in 96 countries, finding that “users with radical Islamist sympathies were routinely introduced to one another through the popular ‘suggested friends’ feature.” Read More >>

We Had a Little Cyber-War With ISIS

Some computer men in a room in Cheltenham enjoyed the thrill of going to war recently, but without the menace of death, capture, shellshock, amputations, exposure to male banter and all that misery. They did it all on computers. Like Quake III. Read More >>

German Courts Find Man Guilty of Trying to Con ISIS Out of £163,000

If you can't beat them, pretend to join them and hopefully make yourself some cash along the way. That's probably what went through the head of this guy, who's just been found guilty in a German court for trying to cheat ISIS out of  €180,000 (~£163,324). Read More >>

This is What an ISIS Drone Workshop Looks Like

The Islamic State has increasingly used drones and other robotic IEDs against American, Iraqi, and civilian targets in Iraq. And as the Coalition fights its way through Mosul, troops are discovering workshops filled with crude but deadly robotics used to bomb people sometimes dozens of times per day. Read More >>

DJI Mysteriously Turned Vast Swaths of Iraq and Syria Into Drone No-Fly Zones

DJI, the world’s largest consumer drone manufacturer, has a problem. ISIS, the terrorist organisation, has been turning off-the-shelf drones into flying bombs and making headlines in the process. So what’s DJI doing about this? The company very quietly created no-fly zones over large parts of Iraq and Syria. Read More >>

4chan Declares ‘War’ on ISIS

With the US election cycle over, the anonymous user of 4chan’s /pol/ (politically incorrect) board are antsy for something new to occupy their time. Last night that new target was confirmed as ISIS. Read More >>

Islamic State Turn Hobby Drones Into Makeshift Smart Bombs

Last week, an aerial vehicle “the size of a model airplane” guided by members of so-called Islamic State (IS) reportedly exploded after getting shot down by Kurdish forces in Iraq, killing two fighters. Read More >>

Donald Trump Explains Plan to Defeat Islamic State: ‘Cyber is So Big’

In the past, Donald Trump has been intentionally vague about his plan to “beat ISIS”, simply saying it will be done “very, very quickly”. On Tuesday, however, the Republican presidential nominee finally revealed his secret weapon in the War on Terror: the word “cyber”, which, according to Trump, “is becoming so big today”. Read More >>

IS Killing People Isn’t Twitter’s Fault, Says Judge

Today is not a great day for Twitter. BuzzFeed published a big exposé on the company’s failure to deal with abuse. But here’s a lil’ nugget of news that likely put a smile on Jack Dorsey’s face: A judge ruled that Twitter is not responsible for Islamic State propaganda posted on the site. Yay! Read More >>

Church Plans to Drop Electronic Bibles on Islamic State With Drones

A Christian church in Sweden plans to deploy drones in parts of Iraq that are currently controlled by the terrorist group known as Islamic State (IS). But unlike the American military, they won’t be dropping bombs. The church plans to drop electronic Bibles. Read More >>

New Report Highlights The Kinds of Programs IS Uses To Remain Anonymous Online

There’s a big push among Islamic State members to enhance technical knowledge, specifically of software that could be used to counteract surveillance. According to a new report released Friday, discussion among jihadist forums proliferates the circulation of manuals and tutorials on how to use VPNs, proxy services, and other tools, and keeps up to date on the latest in software. Read More >>

Twitter Was Unusually Fast at Removing Extremist Tweets After Nice Terrorist Attack

Twitter, at one time more resistant to shut down accounts due to free speech concerns, seems to be turning around. Watchdog groups say that the social network was unusually fast in erasing extremist material on the site after the Nice attack in France this past weekend. Read More >>

Facebook Sued for £770 Million Over Palestinian Attacks

Relatives of victims from five terrorist attacks in Israel, one as recent as this past March, are suing Facebook to the tune of $1bn (£770m) for “having knowingly provided material support and resources to Hamas”, the fundamentalist organisation, reports Reuters. Read More >>