TikTok Boots Dozens of ISIS Accounts

For years, the Islamic State has used popular social media platforms networks Facebook, TelegramTwitter, and YouTube to recruit across the world—so of course, TikTok, one of the fastest-growing platforms, has been used to push ISIS propaganda. Read More >>

Islamic State Turn Hobby Drones Into Makeshift Smart Bombs

Last week, an aerial vehicle “the size of a model airplane” guided by members of so-called Islamic State (IS) reportedly exploded after getting shot down by Kurdish forces in Iraq, killing two fighters. Read More >>

Church Plans to Drop Electronic Bibles on Islamic State With Drones

A Christian church in Sweden plans to deploy drones in parts of Iraq that are currently controlled by the terrorist group known as Islamic State (IS). But unlike the American military, they won’t be dropping bombs. The church plans to drop electronic Bibles. Read More >>

We Might Be Winning the War Against the Islamic State, At Least on Social Media

Islamic State remains a terror in the Middle East, but there is one place its influence seems to have diminished: the wilds of the internet. Twitter traffic to pro-Islamic State accounts has fallen 45 per cent in the past two years, according to the Obama administration, which of course is also taking most of the credit. Read More >>

Tech Giants Are Quietly Automating Process To Remove Extremist Content From Sites

The technology that was designed to remove videos from the Internet with copyrighted content could be used for good, according to a report from Reuters. That use? To fight extremism. Read More >>

Father of Paris Attacks Victim Sues Social Media Sites for Helping Islamic State

The father of a victim of the Paris terrorist attacks is suing Facebook, Twitter and Google for “knowingly” letting Islamic State (IS) recruit on their platforms and even indirectly paying them through ad revenue. Read More >>

US Bombing of IS Cash Depot Sends Money Flying Everywhere

Holy crap. Declassified footage of a US bombing of ISIS cash depots has been released and you can see the airstrike that made millions of dollars fly away in a swarm after the explosion. The money spreads all over the place. Read More >>

The White House to Meet With Silicon Valley Execs to “Disrupt” Islamic State 

Silicon Valley executives will meet with top US government officials in a private meeting tomorrow to eke out better strategies to counter the Islamic State’s (IS) online influence. Read More >>

Anonymous is Really Messing Up its War on Islamic State

This should not come as a surprise, but Anonymous is probably not going to rid the world of terror with its many “ops”. In fact, the latest reports indicate that the leaderless pack of hacktivists is not only incapable of disrupting so-called Islamic State (IS), it seems like Anonymous is totally fucking this one up. Read More >>

Anonymous Has Declared War on Islamic State

In the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris and French airstrikes in Syria, hacking collective Anonymous has declared war on Islamic State (IS). This comes after this morning's news that Anonymous hacked IS and then published the terrorist organisation's anti-hack guidelines. Read More >>

US Air Force Uses ‘Moronic’ Selfie to Bomb ISIS Headquarters

Many of us know feeling of posting a regrettable pic or two online. But while your thoughtless photos might be an embarrassment, they (typically) aren’t offensive enough to merit a US Air Force strike. If you’re an terrorist, on the other hand, a wee bit more discretion is probably advised. Read More >>