BT Promises 10Mbps for Everyone by… 2021 or 2022

BT and its Openreach division have made a willing promise to the government to offer a 10Mbps connection to 99 per cent of the country, an offer it's made voluntarily in order to fend off potentially being forced into it by Ofcom. Read More >>

Small ISPs Might Escape the Requirement to Log Our Every Internet Move

The IP Bill's really quite horrid move to force ISPs to track our every drunken click and shameful eyeball of the Daily Mail's sidebar of shame could have an escape clause, with some smaller ISPs perhaps allowed to save on server space by not joining in with the tracking and recording scheme unless specifically ordered. Read More >>

ISP (Quietly) Acknowledges That BitTorrent Doesn’t Equal Piracy

It’s rare that we mention ISPs vigorously defending their customers against overstepping lawsuits, but here we are: Cox, which is being sued by multiple music producers, is going to lengths to point out that BitTorrent use does not automatically mean piracy. Read More >>

Now YouTube is Shaming ISPs for Slow Streaming Video

Sometime in the past few days, YouTube started showing a new error bar on slow-loading videos. "Experiencing interruptions? Find out why," it implores. Clicking through takes you to Google's Video Quality Report page, comparing streaming quality of your local ISPs. If your provider's slow, Google wants you to know. Read More >>

Pirates Beware: ISPs are Working With the Entertainment Industry to Tackle Illegal Downloading (Again)

Those of you who enjoy pillaging the high seas of the internet might want to pay attention: ISPs are apparently close to signing an agreement with the entertainment industry in order to tackle the problem of internet piracy. Read More >>

The Secret Deals That Mean You Have to Wait For YouTube to Buffer

If you ever find yourself having to wait for YouTube to buffer video — buts ads, they load just fine — then don't worry, you're not alone. In fact, it's likely you're on the receiving end of a corporate deal which limits how much you can enjoy online video. Read More >>

Three More Torrent Sites Added to UK’s ISP Blockade of Shame

The High Court has ordered our ISPs to start auto-blocking three more sites linked with piracy, as a new batch of torrent providers are made to sit with The Pirate Bay on the inaccessible step. Read More >>

Average Broadband Speed in the UK is Now Up to a Whopping 9Mbps

According to Ofcom, the average UK broadband speed is now 9Mbps, marking a 150 per cent increase in speeds since the regulator started measuring speeds back in 2010 making our downloads a helluva lot faster. Read More >>

Not Excited About YouView? How About if the Box is Free?

ISP TalkTalk, one of the key backers of the newly launched YouView TV service, has announced its plans to bundle up the potentially useful catch-up terrestrial telly box with its internet bundles, giving the box away for free to some customers. Like it now? Read More >>

Guy Gets So Mad With Internet Service Provider He Breaks Into the Company Wielding an Axe

I've had my share of frustrating episodes with Internet Service Providers, but never to the point of hacking into their servers three times in one day; deleting data, or even walking into their office wielding an axe and threatening the owner with it. But that's precisely what Bryce Kingsley Quilley did. Read More >>

BT Whacks the Final Nail Into the Pirate Bay’s ISP Blockade Coffin

The last remaining UK ISP court ordered to cut all lines to has set up its futile blockade. BT's finally joined Sky, TalkTalk, O2, Orange, and Virgin in the BPI-championed action against The Pirate Bay, not that it makes any difference. Read More >>

TalkTalk’s Trying to Lure You Back With Cheapish 80Mbps Superfast Fibre Broadband

Following BT’s lead, TalkTalk is rolling out 80Mbps fibre broadband for just £15 extra. That’s £15 on top of line rental, and your existing broadband subscription mind you, so it works out at a minimum of around £31, but promises impressive 20Mbps upload speeds to boot. Read More >>

War Against Newzbin2 Continues: Yet Another Forced Blockade Gets Pushed Through

I’m not quite sure how this is still happening given the recent EU rulings deeming the practice of forced blockage illegal, but TalkTalk has now been court ordered to rub Newsbin2 off the map. Read More >>

Anonymous Takes Out Finnish Anti-Piracy Sites as Finland Follows UK Lead

Anonymous is at it again and this time they’ve been irked by the Finns. It launched a DDoS campaign against two Finnish anti-piracy sites, after a court order forced Elisa, a Finnish ISP, to block The Pirate Bay. The Finns seem to be following a similar course to us Brits, with the recent Newzbin2 blockades here in the UK, and Anonymous isn’t happy about it. Read More >>

TalkTalk Grinds Your Gears the Most Out of Them All

According to Ofcom, TalkTalk is our worst ISP with the largest number of complaints over the past year, hitting an average of well over two in every 3000 customers having to complain to Ofcom about their broadband service over the last year. Read More >>