Everyone Hates Their Broadband

A survey of angry people by angry people surveyor Which? has found that's it's definitely not just you who's fed up with your broadband, as it found that 59 per cent of us -- that'll be 16 million adult internet users -- have had at least one problem with the internet connection over the last year. Read More >>

Forced Openreach Price Cuts Could Mean Cheaper Superfast Connections

Communications enforcer Ofcom is asking BT's Openreach division to cut the wholesale prices it charges competitors for superfast connections, which could, if they decide not to keep the savings for themselves, lead to cheaper superfast connections for those using ISPs that rely on reselling BT's service. Read More >>

An Automated Crap ISP Compensation System is on the Drawing Board

Communications regulator Ofcom is looking into the mechanics of an automated refund system that would gives users money back when they suffer crappy service from their ISP, with compensation to be offered when appointments are missed or repairs overshoot deadlines. Read More >>

Internet Filters Probably Don’t Protect the Kids

Relying on the internet filter to nanny your children isn't the best way of protecting them from the worst the internet has to offer, as a group of academics have found there's only a "dubious" benefit to having the technology policing your connections. Read More >>

Premier League and ISPs Negotiate Live Football Streaming Block

The Premier League and the ISPs aren't exactly at war over the availability of illegal live streams of football, as they've been working together to agree on the wording of a court order that hands the PL the power to block servers responsible for seeding live streams that rebroadcast paywalled matches for free. Read More >>

BT and its Offshoots Top Quarterly Broadband Complaints Chart

The subscribers of BT, Plusnet and EE were the angriest broadband users of the last quarter, as Ofcom data reveals that the three ISPs -- BT and the two also owned by BT -- generated the most complaints. Read More >>

Virgin Media Subscribers Face Christmas Internet Blackouts

Some Virgin Media broadband customers in parts of south west London have been told to expect a particularly flaky service until well into the new year, as a network crunch leading to massively reduced connection speeds won't be resolved until the middle of January. Read More >>

BT Wants at Least £80 a Month for 1Gbps Fibre

BT has stuck some prices out there for its forthcoming 1Gbps FTTP options, and, well, it's quite a lot if you're thinking of just getting it to make yourself marginally better at online games. Read More >>

Ads Watchdog Demands Clearer Broadband Prices from ISPs

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority is taking action on the often shady promises made by internet companies, and will soon require them to clearly state one monthly price that includes everything. So no leaving out the line rental, or trying to make it look like the first two days' introductory price is the actual price you, and your children's children, have to pay for the entire duration of the 7,500 month contract. Oh sorry, didn't you read the small print about it being a 7,500 month contract? Read More >>

BT Forwarded All of its Users’ Sent Email to One Guy’s Inbox

Oh dear, oh dear. BT this week managed to forward all outgoing emails from its customers’ accounts to one single address, belonging to a Steve Webb. The Register reports that many users noticed yesterday afternoon that their emails were bouncing back, with error messages explaining that they couldn’t be delivered to the email address Read More >>

Government Backs Away from 10Mbps Internet for All Guarantee

Business/digital/culture MP Ed Vaizey appears to be shuffling away from previous suggestions that there might be a 10Mbps guaranteed internet connection for everyone at some point in the UK's glorious digital future, using vague terms like "should" and "get nearer" when addressing a committee on the matter. Read More >>

BT Triples Cost of Keeping Your Old Email Address

If you're thinking of switching broadband provider away from BT and to some new superfast upstart promising all the internet delivered in the fattest pipe ever invented, there's a sting in the tail -- the ISP would now like a staggering £60 a year for the privilege of keeping your old email address alive and operational. Read More >>

Hijacking Users’ Browsers is the Latest Way for Copyright Owners to Sting Torrenters

One of the dumbest viruses around is the FBI MoneyPak, which displays a message saying your computer has been locked by the FBI, and you have to pay to unlock it. If Rightscorp, a copyright enforcement company for movie studios has its way, that virus is about to basically become reality. Read More >>

BT Bollocked Over Botched Business Broadband

Comms regulator Ofcom has issued one of its rulings, with today's decree from the speedtester of the gates of the nation saying that BT needs to do a better job of connecting businesses to its business broadband products. So that's what all those men in suits with placards were protesting about. Read More >>

BT Doesn’t Have to Sell its Openreach Broadband Network

The telecoms regulator Ofcom will tell BT this week that it doesn't have to sell the Openreach broadband network - despite protests from rivals. Read More >>