Hundreds of Stone Tools Uncovered at Prehistoric ‘Picnic Spot’

Archaeologists in Israel have uncovered an ancient sweet spot in which early humans flourished some 500,000 years ago. Read More >>

Thousands Evacuate Isreali City as Massive Wildfire Spreads

The Israeli government has deployed its fleet of firefighting planes to combat a wildfire that has forced tens of thousands to leave their homes in Isreal’s third largest city, Haifa. The fires have been exacerbated by dry, windy conditions. Manpower and larger aircraft are being sent from other countries. Read More >>

Facebook Sued for £770 Million Over Palestinian Attacks

Relatives of victims from five terrorist attacks in Israel, one as recent as this past March, are suing Facebook to the tune of $1bn (£770m) for “having knowingly provided material support and resources to Hamas”, the fundamentalist organisation, reports Reuters. Read More >>

Israeli Justice Minister Calls Facebook a “Monster”

Israel’s justice minister Gilad Erdan has called Facebook a “monster” for “sabotaging” police investigations and called on Israelis to “flood” Mark Zuckerberg and make him change the site’s policy. Read More >>

The Next Oculus Rift Might Let You See Your Actual Hands in VR

When you don a virtual reality headset, it blocks out the real world. You no longer see your body. But what if there were a way you could see your hands through the headset, and use them in virtual reality? Pebbles Interfaces, the company Oculus just bought, might have that technology. Read More >>

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Israel’s First “Second Strike” Submarine Is a Dolphin With Nukes

What's more impressive than sharks with laser beams? Dolphins with nuclear missiles. And that's the newest member of Israel's navy. A Dolphin-class submarine, anyway. Read More >>

Google’s Pulled a ‘Bomb Gaza’ Game From the Play Store

Google has pulled a mobile game from the Play Store which allowed users to simulate Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip — inviting them to "drop bombs and avoid killing civilians" — after (understandable) public backlash. Read More >>

Hacks Stole Data From Companies That Built Israel’s Main Defence System

Israel currently tries to protect itself from a barrage of rocket attacks using its "Iron Dome" missile shield—but Krebs on Security reveals that hackers have stolen sensitive documents from the three Israeli defence contractors responsible for building it. Read More >>

First Palestinian Drone to Enter Israel is Promptly Shot Down

As it braced for more rocket attacks, Israel's military says it intercepted a Palestinian drone on Monday. According to media reports, this is the first time that a drone flying from Gaza has entered Israeli air space. And according to the Israelis, the drone did not last long at all. Read More >>

They are Building the First Personal Maglev Transport System in Israel

SkyTran—a NASA Space Act company—is finally building a pilot of its computer-controlled, two-person high speed maglev transport system. Cars run 20 feet (six metres) above the ground and can be ordered by a smartphone app. Read More >>

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This Armoured 4×4 is a Warthog for the Modern Day Super Soldier

Is there any more exhilarating rush than ploughing your Warthog through wave after wave of Covenant Grunts while your friend goes to town with the onboard autocannon? There is, now that Israel Military Industries has gone ahead and built a real one. Read More >>

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This Stealth Submarine Periscope Can Spy Virtually Through the Waves

On the modern high seas, raising your submarine's periscope at the wrong time is just as bad as raising a flag with a target on it. But thanks to a new optical suite developed by Israel's Technion Institute of Technology, tomorrow's subs will only ever have to break waves when in port. Read More >>

This Facial Recognition Software Signals the End of the Security Guard

Minority Report references are old hat in the tech world. In fact, it's often a great way to describe technology that, as the cliché goes, "sounds like something out of a Philip K. Dick novel," yet is destined to remain a fiction. But this futuristic facial-recognition security system is the exception. It exists, and it's scarily good. Read More >>

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Israel is Putting Frickin’ Lasers on its Commercial Airliners

It's not just IDF forces and Israeli settlements that come under rocket fire; militant groups have been known to take pot shots at commercial airlines as well—such as when a pair of SAMs narrowly missed an Israeli charter shortly after it took off from a Mombasa, Kenya airfield, in 2002. To protect vulnerable aircraft from future attacks, Israel has developed this belly-mounted laser shield for commercial jets. Read More >>