Watch the Historic SpaceX Reusable Rocket Launch Here 

After several delays it’s probably about time that NASA/SpaceX get a move-on and show us that incredible reused rocket launch. You can watch it below, starting at 3PM today. Read More >>

Skip Astronaut Training and Explore the ISS Right Now in Google Street View

Sometime between your marine biologist and professional ninja phases, you probably dreamed of being an astronaut as a kid. But have you seen all the work that goes into actually becoming one? Save yourself years of G-force training and wearing onesies and just shortcut your way onto the International Space Station, which became available for tour through Google Maps’ Street View yesterday. Read More >>

This Floating Robotic Camera is the Cutest Thing Ever Sent into Space

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have a new crew member—an adorable robotic ball capable of recording video while moving in zero gravity. Dubbed “Int-Ball,” the device will free astronauts to do more important work, while providing ground controllers with their own set of eyes. Read More >>

NASA Astronaut Explains How to Drink Space Coffee: ‘Suck the Balls’

In space, it is crucial for even the most basic of human tasks to be carried out with a high degree of skill and for astronauts to remain alert. That is why Air Force Colonel and ISS crewmember Jack Fischer sucks the balls. Read More >>

Bespoke Bakery Section Planned for the International Space Station

A team of German engineers is using a forthcoming mission to the ISS to solve one of the greatest problems that faces modern astronauts -- how to get good bread. Read More >>

Hi-Def Video of Earth From Space is So Beautiful You’ll Want to Punch Yourself in The Face

Earlier this year, NASA astronaut Jeff Williams captured ultra high definition video of our pale blue dot from the vantage point of the International Space Station. It’s easily the most uplifting thing you’re going to see all day. Read More >>

Russian Cargo Ship Destroyed En Route to the ISS

Yesterday, an unmanned Russian Progress MS-04 cargo spacecraft broke up in the atmosphere and crashed over Siberia while making its way to the International Space Station. Read More >>

Don’t Trust the ‘Live’ Space Videos You See on Facebook

The Earth isn’t flat. The moon landing wasn’t bogus. And that “live” video of the International Space Station you might have seen floating around this morning on Facebook certainly wasn’t real. Read More >>

Watch Live as ISS Astronauts Spacewalk to Install a New Door

Home improvement projects are rarely interesting, unless you’re an astronaut. Right now NASA’s Kate Rubins and Jeff Williams are installing the first of two new docking adapters into the side of the International Space Station which will accommodate Boeing and SpaceX crafts. Read More >>

A New Tool on the ISS Could Help Us Find Alien Life

The International Space Station (ISS) is getting an incredible new tool: a handheld DNA sequencer. The questions scientists hope it will answer include whether life exists beyond our planet and just what is that weird fungus growing on the wall of the space station? Read More >>

Astronauts Land Back On Earth After 186 Days In Space

The three astronauts who have been researching the effects space has on the human body aboard the International Space Station returned safely to earth early Saturday morning after 186 days in space. Read More >>

A 3D Tour of the International Space Station For All of Us Wannabe Astronauts

There’s no shortage of footage showing what life aboard the International Space Station is like, but unless you’ve had a chance to spend some time there, the ISS’ sprawling and ever-expanding layout can be confusing. To help make better sense of it, the European Space Agency has created a narrated video tour of the space station—and it’s in 3D. Read More >>

The ISS Just Completed Its 100,000th Orbit

Today at 7:10 am GMT, the International Space Station began its 100,000 tour around this blue-and-green globe we call home. Travels at a blazing 17,500 mph, ISS finished that historic achievement only 92 minutes later. In its 18-year lifespan, the station has traversed about 2,643,342,240 miles, more than 28 times the distance of the earth to the sun. Damn, ISS. Read More >>

This Crack in the Glass is the Last Thing You Want to See When Looking Out the ISS Window

This quarter-inch diameter chip was photographed by British astronaut Tim Peake from inside the Cupola module of International Space Station. Alarmingly, it’s actually in one of the windows. Read More >>

Vladimir Putin Comforted Tim Peake When He Was Afraid of Going Into Space

Time Peake, that man who's taking photos out of the window of the ISS, drawing pictures and going on YouTube a lot, was once a worried man. He was concerned that a breakdown in Anglo-Russian relations might see him abandoned in space, refused a lift back down in the Soyuz pod that took him up there. He was eventually reassured by Vladimir Putin himself. Read More >>