Jessica Chastain May Actually Get to Play Beverly in It: Chapter Two

What first sounded like fan speculation may actually come to fruition. Variety reports that Jessica Chastain is in talks to play the older version of Beverly in It: Chapter Two. Read More >>

The It Sequel Finally Has an Official Release Date

Here’s some joyful news for all the Stephen King horror fans and devoted Pennywise meme-makers. The It sequel finally has an official release date, and you won’t have to wait 27 years to see what happens to the Losers Club. You will, however, have to wait a couple of years. Read More >>

It’s Director Had To Keep Pennywise Away From The Child Actors Between Takes

Even if you’ve never seen Pennywise the Dancing Clown, you know what it’s supposed to look like. Scary, murderous clowns are a thing in our culture, the visual markers for which we’re all familiar with to varying degrees. Still, though, no two killer clowns are alike, and in a new behind the scenes featurette for this year’s It reboot, we see just how much work was keeping Pennywise’s look a secret from the movie’s squad of young performers. Read More >>

Here is Proof That You Should Never, Ever Challenge Pennywise to a Dance-Off

In the new It movie, Pennywise the Dancing Clown is a terrifying, sewer-dwelling killer who turns your worst fears against you. He is also, as his name suggests, capable of absolutely ripping up the dance floor no matter what song is playing, as a hilarious new Twitter account demonstrates. Read More >>

In the Wake of It’s Success, Yet Another Stephen King Story is Becoming a Movie

Stephen King’s words have been made into dozens of movies—and, after It’s blockbuster success, most people assumed that even more would get the big-screen treatment. They just couldn’t have guessed it would happen so quickly. Read More >>

Stephen King Says Focus on That Creepy It Sex Scene is ‘Fascinating’

Stephen King’s It is an upsetting novel. Sometimes for the wrong reasons. Most notably, there’s the icky and inexplicable sex scene between the boys of the Loser’s Club and their one female cohort, Bev. It’s a gross, gross scene, and a lot of people hate it, which means it gets brought up every time It gets discussed. Read More >>

It Is a Great Movie That’s Much, Much More Than Just a Horror Flick

It’s been a long time coming to cinemas, but It turns out to have been worth the wait. The cinematic adaptation of what is arguably Stephen King’s most famous novel is absolutely an excellent horror film, but its real success is how it exceeds just horror—it’s dramatic, funny, and, most impressively, has way more heart than any movie about a terrifying clown should manage to have. Read More >>

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Is Playing an Evil Clown Harmful to Your Mental Health?

With their fanciful costumes and comedic personas, clowns seem like the epitome of joy. But these figures of fun also provoke a horrified response and have even inspired their own phobia. Although it’s not officially recognised in the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-5 categorisation of disorders, coulrophobia, the fear of clowns, is one of the most commonly known phobias in the public perception. It’s easy to see why clowns are sometimes viewed as icons of fear. Permanent, frozen smiles and uncanny, mask-like makeup inspire nightmarish visions. Read More >>

Tim Curry’s Pennywise Spotted in Latest It Trailer

The new full-length trailer for the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s It is damn scary, with Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise looking, sounding, and overall being downright terrifying. However, Skarsgard isn’t the first clown to take on the role, and he has some oversized shoes to fill. Lucky for us, Tim Curry’s iconic clown has a place in the reboot. Read More >>

Stansted Crashed This Morning and Flights Were Missed

Getting through security at Stansted airport this morning was even more soul-destroying than usual, and managed to involve even higher levels of indignity than slowly shuffling up a queue with your shoes in your hands, your belt in a plastic bag and killing on your mind. Read More >>

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The Latest It Trailer Shows Nobody Knows What’s Lurking in the Sewers of Derry

The true horror of Stephen King’s It was always that the adults of Derry, Maine, where the primordial evil lived, seemed to understand that their children were being periodically snatched and murdered. Read More >>

Here’s the Trailer For I.T., a Shitty-Looking Movie About Scary Technology Starring Pierce Brosnan

I used to have a giant crush on Pierce Brosnan, back in his Thomas Crown Affair days. Now he’s starring in I.T., a movie about Big Scary Technology that looks both terrible and excellent at the same time. Read More >>

Man Deletes Entire Company With a Stray Line of Code

A man in charge of his own web hosting business is in quite the bit of modern bother, after having deleted everything on his servers -- including the files of his customers and the software he used to administer everything. Read More >>

The Government’s On Track to Deliver 37 Massive IT Fails, Says Money Counter

The National Audit Office has painted a pretty bleak picture of the future of the government's IT plans, suggesting many of the biggest and costliest projects are doomed to fall into the usual moneypit quagmire these plans tend to end up in. Read More >>

Cornwall Council Furious Over BT’s £260m IT System Failures

BT's just been lambasted by the Cornish, with Cornwall Council officers claiming they've had two years of IT hell since handing BT a £260m contract to handle their computer and human resources needs. Read More >>