Apple Raises the iTunes Match Bar

Good news for anyone with a serious digital music problem: Apple has raised the upper limit on iTunes Match to 100,000 songs, up from 25,000. [9to5Mac] Read More >>

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Instant Emergency Presents to Make You Look Like a Total Legend

It's Christmas eve -- if you don't have everyone covered by Christmas presents yet, you're pretty screwed. Well, apart from these beauties that is. Here are your not-even-slightly-lame emergency Crimbo presents you can grab right now, instantly from your computer, and look like a legend come tomorrow morning. Read More >>

Google Music
If Google Music’s Scan and Match Didn’t Work For You Before, It Should Do Now

One of Google Music's aim-squarely-at-Apple features is 'Scan and Match', which does what it says on the tin. Just like Apple's £22-a-year iTunes Match, it scans your music library and matches it with Google's own library, giving you instant streaming access for free. Well, now it's meant to be working, and what's more, it apparently scans any music you've already uploaded to Google too. Read More >>

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Screw iTunes Match and Grab the Free Google Music On Your iPhone With This Awesome App

Android has a really solid, free streaming option now that Google Music's finally launched in the UK, but what about iPhone users? They've been left out in the cold, until now. GoMusic puts Google Music on your iPhone, native style. Read More >>

Apple Really Is Developing a New Streaming Audio Format

It seems Neil Young wasn’t talking a load of old cobblers after all – Apple is developing a new audio format according to UK-based sources, but it’s all about streaming music from iCloud. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Using iTunes Match

We've known about iTunes Match for a while, but it just went live in the UK today. The £22/year music service promises to not only store your iTunes purchases in the cloud, but to back up your non-iTunes tracks as well. So how does it work exactly? Read More >>

iTunes Match Now Up and Running In the UK (For Real This Time)

Apple updated its terms of service for iTunes in the UK last night, and it seems to have actually rolled out its cloud music service properly this time -- although there's still no mention of iTunes Match on the Apple UK site. Read More >>

iTunes Match Prematurely Released in UK (Updated)

Looks like Apple might have hit the go button on the release of iTunes Match in the UK a little early. UK users have been seeing the option to sign up for the cloud music service, but have been bounced back when attempting to get it set up. Read More >>

Britain Gets Stiffed Over iTunes Match

With all that juicy stuff coming out of the Apple campus in Cupertino, there's one thing we're not going to get, at least at launch. Britain gets screwed again, but this time it may not be Apple's fault. Read More >>