Apple Says a Security Update Will Kick These Devices Off iTunes in May

Apple’s iTunes service may be 17 years old and in dire need of a redesign, but it’s still hanging in there as one of the most popular ways to download media. However new security changes from Apple mean that some users will either have to upgrade their ageing devices or find a new media library. Read More >>

7 Apps You Should Ditch iTunes For

As iTunes creaks and wheezes its way into its 17th year of existence, for a lot of music lovers it’s fallen from favour as the go-to application for managing a local library and cranking out the tunes. If you’re looking for something that can provide a simpler, more intuitive way of playing music from your computer, we’ve got some excellent suggestions. Read More >>

HMRC Has Issued Warnings Over an iTunes Gift Card Scam

According to HMRC there's another email scam doing the rounds, trying to part people (especially the elderly) with their hard-earned cash. Apparently more than 1,500 reports of emails demanding iTunes gift cards in order to pay off a non-existent tax bill. Read More >>

You Can No Longer Download Apps on Apple’s Desktop iTunes

When iTunes first launched over 15 years ago, it was just about music. Then, over the years, Apple's added more stuff to it: TV programmes, movies, and even apps. Seemingly, they're now going back to those earlier roots by removing apps from the latest version of iTunes. Read More >>

32-Bit Apps Aren’t Showing Up in the App Store But Don’t Panic, Yet

Apple’s WWDC is later today and you can expect that the latest update to its mobile operating system, iOS 11 will be one of the announcements. With the update, support for 32-bit apps will be going away and it seems that those apps have already disappeared from search results in the Apple store. Read More >>

iTunes Is Coming To The Windows Store

Apple is bringing iTunes to the Windows Store. Why, you might ask? Well, because people are looking for it there. Read More >>

Apple Refunds Kid’s £6k Gaming Bill

The key to getting Apple to refund all your in-app purchases would appear to be GO BIG, as today's happy refund news concerns a kid who managed to invest around £6,000 in tawdry pretend coinage during a couple of weekends of unlimited purchasing fun. Read More >>

If Apple’s Video Plan is Really This Half-Arsed, it Will Be a Disaster

Apple is preparing to produce its own original scripted TV shows and potentially films, according to a new Wall Street Journal report. Apple executives are reportedly already in discussion with industry veterans about how to create shows comparable to Netflix’s Stranger Things or HBO’s Westworld. If all goes according to plan, the company will begin offering its original TV shows on its $10-per-month streaming service Apple Music by the end of 2017. Sadly, it looks like Apple is going to half-ass the enterprise. Read More >>

What to do if Today’s Being Ruined by Not Having iOS 10

Is today literally the worst day ever of all time because your telephone is not on the new thing that literally everyone else's telephone has had for literally 12 hours or more now? Don't worry your little rose gold spectacles, help is literally at hand. Read More >>

Facebook’s Lifestage is a Horrifying GIF Network Exclusively for Kids

This really quite horrifying mess of emojis, colours, curated faces and animated GIFs is one of Facebook's attempts to capture the users of the future. It's called Lifestage, and it's aimed at teens. What could possibly go wrong? Read More >>

Here’s a Crazy Trick to Free Up Space On Your iPhone: Rent a Film

A Reddit thread is claiming that for those of us — and there are many — who are running out of space on our iPhones, all we have to do is try renting The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Viola! Free space! Read More >>

How to Downgrade iOS 9.3 to an Older Version

Every time you upgrade an iOS device to a new version of the operating system, there’s a brief window in which you can easily roll it back (just in case you come across a bug or two). Read More >>

Print Your Digital Photos Right Now You Lazy Dunderhead

You need to print your digital photos. Not next year, not when you have more free time—right now. I don’t care if your favourite dank memes are playing at the picture showhouse tonight (or whatever the kids are doing for fun these days). Start your first photobook tonight. It’s now or never. Your future self will be grateful. And the friends and relatives who will be digging through your shit after you die will be even more grateful. Read More >>

Everyone is Too Busy Watching Netflix to Pirate Content

Streaming video services now comprise 70 per cent of Americans’ internet use at night, which means that hardly anyone is using BitTorrent anymore. RIP, piracy. Arise, Sir Netflix. Read More >>