It’s Not Too Hot for Wrestling on ITV

Wrestling is about to be on the mainstream telly again, with ITV giving a chunk of its prestigious Saturday night schedules over to World of Sport Wrestling for 10 weeks from tomorrow. It's only the chunk of Saturday that starts at 5:00pm, though, so in Mr Bean repeats territory. But still. Wrestling is back on ITV. Read More >>

ITV Could be Next to Abandon Virgin Media’s TV Platform

The recent loss of Dave and its never ending supply of repeats on Virgin's TV platform may soon be joined by a bigger loss for the ITV-watching demographic, with reports suggesting that the ITV channels could drop off the Virgin EPG as soon as this weekend. Read More >>

BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 are Investing £125 Million in Freeview, Lest They be Defeated by Streaming Rivals

The past few years have seen audience viewing habits change dramatically, with a switch from live or recorded TV to on-demand and streaming services that don't force viewers to adhere to a strict viewing schedule. But that's bad news for the traditional broadcasters, and to try and fight back against the forces of streaming services like Amazon and Netflix, Freeview is getting a £125 million investment. Read More >>

BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 Rumoured to be Developing a Netflix Rival

With the likes of Netflix and Amazon pumping so much money into original programming, rather than relying on stuff that debuted on TV first, you can be damn certain that TV networks are worried. So far the answer seems to be to enter the streaming business for themselves, and now BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 are said to be in talks to develop a British-based service to fight back against the popularity of Netflix et al. Read More >>

The National Lottery Results are Returning to Live TV… on ITV

A straw poll of Gizmodo staff revealed that no one really noticed that the lottery results aren't broadcast on TV any more, but that's OK as they are about to be on TV again. Although they're going to be on weird, niche TV. A channel called ITV, if you can find it on your modern streaming setup. Read More >>

Clarkson Choppered in to Host Rebooted Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

Plain-speaking man of the people Jeremy Clarkson is about to return to the regular kind of television that normal people have displayed at the wrong aspect ratio on non-smart Alba screens in their living rooms, with the touring Amazon star convincing his internet bosses to let him do a stint on ITV stalwart Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?. Read More >>

UK Broadcaster Chastised for Airing Gory Alien Scene Immediately After Kids’ Programming

When British actor John Hurt passed away in January, news editors around the world quickly started broadcasting clips from the actor’s many iconic roles. But it was maybe not the smartest idea for one of them to air Hurt’s most gory (and memorable) movie moment immediately after kids finished watching Saturday morning television. Read More >>

BBC and ITV Team up for BritBox Global Streaming Service

The BBC and ITV are launching a conjoined streaming attack on the US, with their BritBox service set to bring the best of the TV we produce -- and some things from ITV -- to the rest of the world. Starting with North America as they could really do with something to watch that isn't politics. Read More >>

British Wrestling to Return to ITV

Sadly most of the classic British wrestlers of the 1970s are dead or no longer allowed to be in public for reasons to do with historic sex crimes, or both, but that's not stopping ITV from bringing Saturday wrestling back to our TV screens. Read More >>

BBC Cooking up Paid Netflix-Style TV Service Separate to iPlayer

The BBC and ITV are reportedly cooking up a new subscription service in the same mould as Netflix. Talks between the two organisations are said to be in early stages, but it’s understood that the service would mainly feature older content no longer available through iPlayer or ITV Player. Read More >>

Traditional TV Viewing Will Soon Be Extinct if The Kids Are All Right

"Hahaha – look at granddad with his satellite TV subscription and his 2TB PVR and his copy of the Radio Times," said little Jimmy. "I bet he doesn't even know who Zoella is or how to Netflix and chill or nothing, the old mug." Read More >>

ITV Bites a Chunk out of UTV Media, But talkSPORT will Remain with Belfast Company

ITV is to purchase UTV Media’s TV stations and brand for £100 million, with the Belfast-based company set to makes losses of £11.5 million this year. The deal is subject to approval from the UK and Irish broadcasting regulators and Ireland's competition watchdog, and will see UTV Media keep hold of its collection of radio stations, including talkSPORT. [BBC] Read More >>

ITV Bins ITV Player in Favour of New ITV Hub

ITV's about to rejig its internet facing streaming businesses, replacing the fairly terrible old ITV Player with a new do-it-all thing it calls ITV Hub. Read More >>

Football Fans Give ITV Player a Red Card as World Cup Opener Livestream Stalls

ITV Player, ITV's online catch-up and live streaming service, scored an own goal last night during the opening match of the 2014 World Cup as it struggled to handle the massive influx of visitors. ITV Player's Twitter feed issued an apology, blaming "unprecedented" viewer figures, which caused the stream of the Brazil vs Croatia match to fail. Read More >>

iPlayer Update for Windows Phone Brings Live TV to the App

How's this for a turn-around -- the BBC's iPlayer app has received an update on Windows Phone, a full day before it's expected to go live on iOS and Android. Read More >>