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What Is Intel Turbo Boost?

Lots of exciting new computers! And no matter what, we still get jazzed about processor speeds. But what's this Turbo Boost business Apple mentioned? Why do CPUs have two different speeds? It's actually pretty simple. Read More >>

Apple’s Next Generation MacBook Pro Has the “World’s Highest-Resolution Notebook Display”

WWDC 2012 is currently underway and Apple's just busted out its new MacBook Pro, complete with incredible new Retina Displays, Intel's Ivy Bridge and your choice of traditional HDDs and SSD. Apple's managed to squeeze it down another 25 per cent in volume, meaning the 13-incher is just 1.8cm thick and 2kgs in weight. Read More >>

Apple’s New Ivy Bridge MacBook Air Has Up to a Whopping 512GB of Flash Storage

Apple's just pulled the covers off its brand new Ivy Bridge MacBook Air at WWDC 2012, complete with up to 8GB of RAM and a beast of a 512GB SSD. Speed is the key across the board with chips clocking in up to a 2.0GHz dual-core i7 complete with Turbo boost to keep you clipping along, plus bolstered integrated graphics. USB 3.0 has also joined on for the ride for some decent connectivity. Read More >>

Ivy Bridge MacBook Pro and iMac Models Spotted Benchmarking Themselves

Intel's hot new next-gen chipset looks like it'll be making an appearance in Apple's computer ranges rather soon, with Ivy Bridge processors popping up in some Apple tech benchmarks. Read More >>

If You Must Persist With a 15-Inch Laptop, Samsung’s Ultrabook Series 9 Is the World’s Thinnest

This slimline beauty is Samsung's latest attempt at styling up a super-skinny ultrabook, the company's 15" Series 9 N900X4C. Read More >>

Get Ready For a Massive Orgy of Ultrabooks in 2012

Looks like ultrabooks are the new tablets. Sort of. Remember when CES in 2011 was the show of a zillion slates? CES 2012 could see as many as 50 super-thin, Intel-powered ultrabooks. Wanna take a Scrooge McDuck dive in an ultrabook pool? Read More >>