Apple Wants to Create a Way to Share Files With High Fives

Remember how fun Bump was in the early days of iPhones? Probably not because it was a silly feature. But based on a new Apple patent application, you could soon be exchanging any kind of data with any type of gesture, from hugs to high fives. Incredibly, it actually makes sense. Read More >>

Apple Watch: Everything You Need To Know

The release of the Apple Watch approaches. In the intervening time between the device's announcement last September, lots of information has graced our newsfeed. Read More >>

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5 New Details That Show How Apple Wants Us to Use its Watch

This week the Apple Watch made a big step towards reality, with the release of WatchKit, a set of guidelines for developers of watch apps. Hidden within a fairly mundane document are plenty of glimpses at how Apple envisions smartwatches fitting in with our lives. Read More >>

You Can Now Start Making Apple Watch Apps With This Dev Kit

While we still don't have a precise release date for the Apple Watch, the Cupertino firm wants to make sure we'll all have plenty of apps to play about with on the timepiece once it does hit shelves. Apple's just released its WatchKit developer kit resources, letting iPhone app makers and would-be Apple Watch software designers get to work on the new wrist-based device. Read More >>

3D Printed Apple Watch Lets You Jump the Queues (and Several Months of Waiting)

Oh Apple, you big tease. You show off your long-awaited smartwatch, then tell us all that we won't be able to buy it until some indeterminate point next year. Keeping the timepiece locked away behind closed doors and only rolling it out for fashionable celebrities to gawp at, how's Joe Bloggs to know whether it's truly for them? Read More >>

Jony Ive Reveals Apple Watch Was Three Years in the Making in Rare Interview

Aside from those scripted Apple videos that accompany each of the company's hardware launches, you rarely get to hear from Jony Ive, Apple's industrial design guru. But with the Apple Watch being the company's most important major new product since the iPad, he was being relatively verbose last night. Read More >>

The Apple Watch’s Smallest Parts are its Biggest Bet

The Mac had the mouse. The iPod had the clickwheel. And the iPhone had the touchscreen. So what does the Apple Watch have? Something called the "digital crown," a tiny knob inspired by the stem on traditional watches, and a "Taptic engine" that helps it communicate. They didn't get the most play in yesterday's big, Bono-packed spectacle, but they're pretty damn interesting. Read More >>

Apple’s iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Watch Event: What Did You Make of the News?

You've had close to a day to process last night's Apple announcements, so tell us: what do you think of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and Watch? For a reminder of everything Apple showed off, see below: Read More >>

The Apple Watch Is Here, and Here’s What You Need to Know

Apple has just lifted the lid on what we were all anticipating (some of us more than, err, others). What could be described as an iPod Nano stuck on a wristband, the square screen is matched by a rectangular bezel, but round UI. Read More >>

Apple’s New Hardware Event Comes With “Fashion” Warning

Apple is said to be inviting "fashion editors and bloggers" to its event tomorrow, hinting at a nightmare for tech fans in which the anticipated iWatch is a crystal-covered piece of filler with colourful cases for casuals. [Reuters] Read More >>

Apple iWatch Could Offer Two-Factor Payment Authentication

Does anyone really need a smartwatch? The answer is an almost-unequivocal no. They're attractive, and we may want one, but there's very little to "need" about them, with much of their functionality merely a convenient doubling of what's already offered by your smartphone. So, what's going to be special about Apple's iWatch? With Apple also said to be introducing a mobile payment system tomorrow, TechCrunch has suggested that two-factor authentication could be the smartwatch's "killer feature". Read More >>

Report: iWatch Will Have Third-Party Apps and a Dedicated App Store

Ahead of Tuesday's big reveal of the much-anticipated Apple smartwatch, 9to5Mac brings us new details of what that iWatch might have on its homescreen: A bunch of wearable-optimised apps, downloadable from an iWatch section of Apple's App Store. Hope the icons are legible on that tiny screen. Read More >>

Report: iWatch Might Face Battery Life Issues

We're already well aware that no matter how great a gadget might seem, none of that means anything if it dies almost as quickly as it turns on. And according to a new report from The Information, the long-awaited iWatch's battery power going to be "disappointing." Read More >>

12 Visions of Apple Products That Were Fantastically Wrong

With only four days to go before Apple unveils a handful of brand-new products, the rumour mill is churning at full speed. Now seems like a good time to recall the various dream concepts, predictions, and leaks we've seen over the years—all of which were more artful than accurate. Read More >>