J.J. Abrams’ Spider-Man Comic Is Incredibly J.J. Abrams, For Better or Worse

It feels glib to cast Spider-Man – the simply titled miniseries that represents J.J. Abrams and his son Henry’s foray into comics writing, alongside legendary Ultimate Spider-Man artist Sara Pichelli – as “The Force Awakens but with more Spandex.” But, for all his love of mysteries, Abrams’ venture into the web of Peter Parker is as much about his past work as it is the webslinger himself. Read More >>

Is Girls Anti-Hero Adam Driver Star Wars: Episode VII‘s “New Darth Vader”?

We're pretty sure that Mark "Luke Skywalker" Hamill, Harrison "Han Solo" Ford and Carrie "Princess Leia" Fisher are reprising their most-loved roles for J. J. Abrams Star Wars: Episode VII. Will Adam Driver of Girls fame be the villain wielding the Dark Side of the Force against them? Read More >>

Want to be In the New Star Wars Film? “Beautiful” Wannabe-Jedi Should Head to Bristol

It may be set in a galaxy far, far away, but open auditions for Star Wars: Episode VII will be taking place in the far more earthly surroundings of Bristol. Read More >>