The House With a Clock in Its Walls Has Some Enchanting Moments But Is Mostly Forgettable

Sitting down to watch The House with a Clock in Its Walls, you know exactly the movie you want to see. A fun, exciting, kind of scary but whimsical adventure with great visual effects, fun characters, jokes, chills, thrills—all of that. The actual film has some of those things, but not enough to make it truly worth your while. Read More >>

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My Favourite Bonkers Comedy Mock Rockers Are Back With a Vengeance

Jack Black and Kyle Gass are back, and crazier than ever as this hilarious promo video for Tenacious D’s new song To Be The Best shows. The 6-minute epic is full to the brim with guest stars including Val Kilmer of all people – they are “more talented than the Beatles, Stones and Zeppelin combined,” or so they claim. Read More >>