Jack Dorsey Wants You to Know He Was Right About 280-Character Tweets

When Twitter announced last November it was finally doubling the 140-character limit of tweets, after months of speculation and handwringing, some vocal users tweeted out their snark and certainty that this development was a death knell for the medium. Read More >>

Twitter Has New Rules for Violent and Sexual Content

Twitter’s downward spiral into a platform where abuse thrives has been well-documented over the years, but harassment on Twitter is in the news again this week because the company suspended actress Rose McGowan after she tweeted about sexual abuse in Hollywood. In response, CEO Jack Dorsey promised to introduce stricter rules against harassment—and it looks like some of those rules just leaked to Wired. Read More >>

Twitter Says It’s a Safer Place, But There’s No Hard Data to Prove It

Twitter claims it has become a safer site thanks to all its anti-abuse efforts, but there’s no way to tell if that’s true because the company didn’t share any hard numbers behind its data. Read More >>

president trump
Tech Companies Think President Trump’s Withdrawal From the Paris Accord is Completely Stupid

President Donald Trump stood up in front of the world yesterday and withdrew the United States from the Paris Accord, a global agreement to combat climate change. The agreement had nearly universal support, but Trump said withdrawing is good for American business. But American business leaders disagree. Read More >>

Editing Tweets is a Bad Idea

Today, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took questions from Twitter users about what they want the company to do better in 2017. Dorsey seemed receptive to one idea that Twitter’s power users have been begging for: the ability to edit tweets. This is an awful idea. Read More >>

edward snowden
Jack Dorsey to Ed Snowden: Help Me Fix My Shitty Company

Involuntary expat Edward Snowden spent part of his afternoon today in a live Q&A with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Posted by the @pardonsnowden account, the video was ostensibly part of a campaign to, well, pardon Snowden. Dorsey thought this would be a good opportunity to ask for some user feedback on his microblogging platform from a man trapped in Russian. Read More >>

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Suspended on Twitter

Tuesday evening, the Twitter account of company co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey was briefly suspended on the site. By 2:15 AM GMT, Dorsey’s account was back online with a reset follower account. Read More >>

Former Twitter CEO Reportedly Secretly Forced Censorship Of Abusive Tweets During Obama Q&A

Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo secretly ordered employees to create an algorithm to filter out abusive and hateful language during a company-sponsored Q&A with President Obama in 2015 according to a Buzzfeed report. Read More >>

Larry Page to Jack Dorsey: Lemme Whisper in Ya Ear

“Hey lil’ mama, can I buy Twitter for a few million?” is a thing that Google co-founder Larry Page might have said to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. But Page reportedly whispered an offer to acquire Twitter into Dorsey’s ear in a closed blinds meeting a few years ago. Read More >>

Dorsey and Zuckerberg Threatened by Pro-ISIS Lads

Mark, Jack, you may want to watch your backs. A group of pro-ISIS hackers, known as ‘The Sons Caliphate Army’, has reportedly declared war on the tech figureheads, as Facebook and Twitter vow to combat terrorist activities online. Read More >>

Twitter Loses Four Main Execs

Late Sunday night, Jack Dorsey confirmed that four of Twitter’s most senior executives were leaving the company, including vice presidents for media, product, engineering and human resources. Ouch. Read More >>

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is Giving $200M of His Twitter Stock to Staff

Twitter’s new CEO Jack Dorsey has enough cash to go round. So much so, in fact, that he’s announced that he’s giving one-third of his stock holdings in the social media company to his employees. Read More >>

Why You Should Care That Jack Dorsey is Officially the New CEO of Twitter

In a move that should surprise exactly no one, Twitter’s board has named company co-founder Jack Dorsey the permanent CEO of Twitter. He has served as interim CEO after Dick Costello got the boot back in June. Read More >>

How to set up Apple Pay
Small Businesses in the US Could be Getting Apple Pay, Thanks to Square

Since its Stateside launch last month, Apple's mobile payment system has been doing pretty well for itself. But the list of participating stores, while impressive, is dominated by big names in American retail. Thanks to plans to team up with Square, a credit-card processing service for small firms, that could all change and open the gates to sole traders and the like. Read More >>